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Allowing Clarity to Come


Emerging in Oranges, 24 x 30, $525

Emerging in Oranges, 24 x 30, $525

We can trust Life! When unsure, we can relax and allow clarity to come.  Isn’t it soothing that we don’t need to force decisions where immediate action does not feel right.

Here a vignette to illustrate this point:

A few years ago I showed up for an appointment to get

new brakes on my car. When I arrived in the small auto shop office, I was greeted by the office manager wearing green pancake makeup and black spiked hair wig. At her feet stood a dog in costume, dressed as…. (I had to be told) a cow. The dog in the cow suit won my heart.

Ms Green Face and I chatted as the mechanic worked.  She reported that recently a medical practitioner told her she was “ambivalent,” both about what direction to take in her career and about whether to have children. She wanted my reaction.

I offered, “I admire how you enjoy your life. You are waiting for clarity to come to you. I know it will– you are paying attention.  Answers you need will come to you in right timing.

Isn’t it great how you are not forcing yourself to formulate a goal or to make a decision that does not feel right to YOU. ”

Being called ambivalent had the aspect of being called something not good. A bit of shame had gotten activated.

She listened, thought a minute and said, “That feels good to me. It feels so much better than worrying that I am supposed to have answers right now and do not.”

I continue, “Yes, of course, you want to feel good when making these important decisions. You tune in to yourself and know an impulse will come — then it is so effortless to act.”

Ms. Green Face shone with her relief. She felt happier and leaned over to pat her “cow”.

Have you pushed yourself to act, perhaps following advice from another and then felt not so great? Have you experienced times when knowing what to do comes easily to you? Isn’t that fun? Gosh, when we stop to think about it, we know we would rather feel good!

(Update: Now a few years later Ms Green Face has a one year old son and is having lots of fun with him.)

Please comment. Have stories about how you got followed your gut and got great results? I love these stories!

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