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Things Are Always Working Out Well for Me


What if we affirmed this phrase each day: Things are always working out well for me? Wouldn’t it be fun to see this influence as more and more true?

A few years ago Maven acquired a sign for her dashboard declaring this truth.She knew she wanted to embody this adage in her life.

On the Trail, 9 x 12, $150

On the Trail, 9 x 12, $150

Alas, at first, if she was honest with herself, she knew she did not feel this in her bones. It was easier if she stated, “Things work out well for me.” Definitely she could point to instances of things going great. But always?

Hey she had blips! Our star knew in her life she had times of feeling fear and resentment. Certainly she did not always feel good…. she was not always a match for what she wanted, for sure.

Maven continued on heading in the direction of this motto. Pleased, she reached for good feeling thoughts as needed through her day and, often she felt quite good.

Our heroine was making new habits. She appreciated, accepting herself more fully and more.

She kept going.

What are the basics again? (Please follow this sequence of thought)

We participate on earth for the expansion and joy.

As we know what we don’t want– then we see what we do want. Expansion results– personally and universally.

Every person contributes to life becoming more.

All the while being loved by Source Energy. We keep going…

Wait a minute!

Each clarifies understanding. Everyone loves growth.

Hold a second! Could this be true?

Humans are either feeling good or growing. We appreciate; we get clearer.

What’s not to like?

Maven thrives because of contrast and expansion. My life works the way it is.

Things ARE always working out well for me. Good to notice!

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