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Value abounds in managing one ‘s thoughts. What to do when something really upsetting happens– emotions running, adrenalin and more.

Recently I heard a story about Caressa who experienced something that shook her.

She was flowing along in her life, feeling quite good– in the preceding couple of weeks she had bought

a house and scored a new more interesting job.

There she was driving down a sloping hill with rises and falls, cruising along, beautiful scenery. Then literally BAM! A startling accident, her car hit head on, airbag deployed.

Humbly our heroine reaches for looking at life like the words of this blog.  Feeling chipper, she wondered, “What is going on here? Did she do something  ‘wrong’ ?”

“Poor me!” in her head she cried.  She was so shaken and upset, feeling a victim.

First, let the upset run, naturally dissipate.  Of  course this reaction is natural and so understandable.

As she felt some ease, what thoughts might soothe her mind? Something like: 

Though my car was totaled, I walked away with no major injuries.

My sister and her partner were home when I called, got to my side in under five minutes.

They are often not home, but there were there when I needed them.  I am so fortunate that the location of the accident occurred so close to them.

Just after impact, suddenly women surrounded and soothed me, checking me for serious injury. Help arrived! My sister called them angels.

The fault was assigned to another vehicle’s driver. Insurance will cover my expenses including medical and my next automobile.

My pace had been speeding up. Now I am more awake to finding more balance, slowing down and taking each piece bit by bit.

Life is Good! Hee Haw! I am able to proceed with my new house and job.

Love noticing: I have the strength to ride through this experience. I love knowing I am strong!

The things I attract that I do not want are teaching me invincibility.

Protection was there for me! I was cared for!

Now I feel clearer about things I value.

Expansion results from such contrast, and Good flows in.  Who knows what wonderful thing is coming next!

” Life is like a chocolate fountain. Dip anthing into it and it will turn out good.”  from an Abraham Hicks seminar 7 12 2012.

Comments? Please let me know your stories of how you lift yourself through times of unwanted.


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