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The Pivot


Closer to Eden, 16 x 20

Closer to Eden, 16 x 20

Have you learned to pivot? Have you caught yourself thinking in a way that you have thought often, a habit, one that you may have wanted to change? At first the familiar sentences sound true and then you wake up– Wait a minute– I want to re-frame that!

Jasmina has pivoted many times. Over and over again, she has changed inner statements that limited her, uplifting herself. She identifies what she would like to be thinking, and then she notices when she is off course and focuses to shift to the new. Bit by bit she changes her mind usually one thought at a time. 

 If you have been playing with this yourself, you have probably noticed that the juicy habits of thought, often the potent and self limiting ones, come with a feeling state. The package of thought and feeling show up sounding so familiar and quite true.

In this post an example of pivoting is offered, one that seemed particularly significant. Jasmina transformed a statement and the strong emotional content shifted.  Hooray she experienced feeling of empowered, knowing she can realign a formulation so long held and deeply affecting.

As this story begins our heroine was cruising along feeling ok but not great. To improve her mood, she tuned into some Abraham excerpts on youtube. Listening she realized she felt a cringe, a shot of “upset”, a not feeling so good emotion arising. Thoughts like ” I feel like these ideas are beyond me. I don’t do that well enough. I am not up to using this material. ” Oh my– she felt a strong spike of “I am not enough”.

At first she wanted to escape. The thoughts sounded so “factual” and the feeling very familiar. Abraham was offering– “Habits of thought can be changed bit by bit. We get what we expect.” Oh Jasmina thought/ felt— she doesn’t “expect the wonderful” as a consistent habit– she felt she does not do that “enough”.

Another Abraham wise bit: “Wait for inspiration before taking action. Spend time realigning your thinking before doing the deed.” Jasmina has had a specific action in mind to take soon, but oh no, she did not feel good.

As she was listening, she noticed her drop in feeling, the cringe…

Her inner dialogue: “ Wait a minute! What am I doing. I am feeling badly and going unconscious. Instead, let me see if I can soothe myself. “ Forthwith, she took herself to her contemplation corner. There she sat pen and pad in hand.

Two processes came to her, and she did both.

1) She listed what she knew to be true about herself– all kinds of good stuff.

She had grown enormously

She had raised her self esteem

She had increased her self awareness a whole lot.

Her mentor would be proud of her, she had exceeded that person’s expectations.

She had developed self confidence!

She had created a satisfying life.

She got to use her gifts every day.

She has had so many successes

She was loved

She had developed personal power and was getting more all the time

She had grown confidence

She helped others

2) She reminded herself about what she now knows about “being not enough”

I know that thought is a habit. I have a habit running not indication of who I really am.

There are no mistakes

Nothing is going wrong

I am expanding constantly.

Love is all there is.

Sitting in that quiet time transformed her. Her thoughts felt easier, and she noticed her affect rise. She rose in just a few minutes feeling more in command: more optimistic; more energetic.

It shifted everything when she felt enough again.

Taking time like this is just the sort of thing that Abe recommends. Realign. Pivot.

Re-focus. In Jasmina’s case the realignment lasted for days. She is remembering — she is feeling the effect of the new neural pathways she has been building– reaping the pay off.

Will she forget again? Humans require much repetition to build new patterns of thought. This is what the process looks like of becoming more and more consistent in feeling good :).

Want to try it out? Jasmina recommends it and loves her pay off. If you experiment with this kind of thing, please report in! Other questions? Please write me. Use the comment box at the bottom of the post in the browser version or jpearl@streamofyes.com. We all are alchemists of ourselves! Isn’t that so cool!

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