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Orange Field, 24 x 30, $525

Orange Field, 24 x 30, $525

What a great season to notice the flow of Good!

Today I feel inspired to report some good things that happened for me in the last couple of weeks. One could say “little things”, yes– and responding to these incidents spiked my happiness. When I look  for them, I see examples of Good Flowing, how things go well for me– and what a great view of life to have!

I wore a top that I found in my closet, having forgotten it. It is a brown cowl neck–

I like the neckline and its fabric is not my favorite– kind of synthetic feeling to me. During that day I thought to myself, “I like the color and the neckline but I would rather it be in a softer fabric.”

About a week later I entered my regular yoga class. The teacher (with whom I collaborate on a yoga project) called me over before class. Excitedly, she says ” I have something for you” As her hands raise I see she is holding a top for me that she saved from her work at the women’s shelter thrift store– it is brown cowl neck top in a soft fabric.

I had not told a soul about how I felt about the one I owned. My yoga friend did not see me that day.  Cowl, same color, better fabric–WOW.  Actually it took a bit for me to associate the two. Oh My God I had wished for that– and recently!

Another example from this past week .. poolside..

I practice swimming every other day– I am at the pool quite often 🙂

One never knows when the silicone bathing cap will wear out and rip. The day for the red one I had had for over a year came in the last five days… as I went to put in on my head it ripped it two.  I did not have a spare one with me.

Immediately I went to the lifeguard in front of me– it happens that guard is the one to whom I am closest at the pool. Often I swim and she is not on duty but that day she was there when I was. I showed her the cap. Within a minute I had a cap to use– she went to her locker and handed me her personal one with instructions where to return it after the session.  My “problem” was solved so fast! WOW

A few days later in the locker room I discovered I had forgotten my pool sandals. “Ok I can go barefoot,” I said to myself. Out I go to the pool area. I sit, I realize I need to go back into the locker room. I go and come back. There near the lane I have chosen are pool sandals. No one is around. I look at the guard– she shrugs.  All these years I have never noticed stray sandals hanging around.. They fit me… so the Universe provided me with sandals at that moment.

One more.. same week…

In my morning quiet time I usually pull two oracle cards. I use a variety of decks.  One day I had some past hurts stirred up and I cried a bit on and off as I went about my activities. That next morning I pulled “Tears cleanse the soul.” I just looked at it. Pause Pause then I realized OMG how did that happen– I had never seen that card before and it was so perfect for my recovery process. WOW. Pulling it felt great 🙂

Point:  I recommend noticing what good shows up for you. Are you alert for the small things that go well? There is so much to appreciate…

Please tell me some of yours.  In the browser version of this post, a comment box appears at the bottom ( Frequent readers, there have been some times in recent weeks where the box did not work. It works now 🙂 thanks for bearing with me)

Let’s magnify the Light of this World!


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