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Healing Self Blame


Dear Readers,

This post is a re-edit from a few years ago.  I continue on the journey of healing self blame! Love breathing in this message. Please enjoy!

In recent days I felt some strong emotion, deep uncomfortable– I realized I was blaming myself. I felt awful, a sensation of physical illness.   

Crozet Creek, 12 x 16,Acrylic, $235

Crozet Creek, 12 x 16,Acrylic, $235

Just before this blip I’d been experiencing a long stretch of happy higher good feeling ever. I felt lovely, relishing each day and  recovering from small blips easily.

During that period things went amazingly well for me, events falling into place, wanted things showing up in remarkable ways.

A habit of shaming got triggered. During the run, I observed that I perpetrated discomfort when I reviewed events and how bad I felt. Wait! I want to stop doing that!

Soothe Soothe Soothe

What did I WANT to do for myself?

I swam, I visited and talked with friends, I read and listened to a novel or two.

I tell myself that things are ok. Nothing is going wrong.

I let the strong flow of what I did not want dissipate.

Then, when I began to feel better,  I made lists of what I appreciate and people who I know care about me. Those thoughts remind me of good feelings even when I don’t feel them in the moment.

With gusto I want to appreciate that the dark feelings passed through and I found my way back to feeling free and happy again in short time. YAY!.

I AM Good Enough

In this habitual  mode I think I AM bad because I FEEL bad.  I write to correct this MISPERCEPTION– Big TIME !!!

The habit of “I am not good enough,” part of a harsh inner judge rearing its head, now changing.

I gain clarity as I recover. I see feelings pass through and they do not define me.

Let this week reminds me of the variation on the ride of life. Somehow I am even happier for noticing how well I recover.

Thriving includes times like this.

Do you have voices inside of criticism and blame? They are not true!

Your life is an adventure and you easily recover. Please ride horses, play ball, go to movies. Do what you do to distract yourself and bring up the good feelings that represent your birthright!!!

Bit by bit the habit of self blame eases. More awareness, more soothing, less frequently, gradual recovery.

Have comments or comparable accounts from your life? Please share. Isn’t it great that we have each other!

Letting life flow and before I knew it, I was feeling really good again. It was about three days till most of the day I felt happy at my higher level and stabilized in it.


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