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From Irritated to Relaxed

Have you ever gotten annoyed with a friend? Below relates how I shifted from an unusually high level of irritation to feeling at ease and love again.

Ideally as we learn in the Abraham teachings it is best not to review what is bothering me!

Though I wanted to forget about my upset,

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I was still feeling it. I distracted myself some and still it persisted.

What to do?

Chart to Uplift

On a pad, I created two columns. 1) list what thoughts are running on the left column, 2) in the right I respond as though I was helping someone else. What would I say to a dear one reaching out for my help?

On the left: I am afraid I am running an habit involving the care-taker role. I have held my own needs back and focused on the needs of others.

On the right: It is ok to have habits from the past. Deep patterns take a while to change. It is ok to see and know this piece of myself.

I am good. I am part of Good and cannot separate myself from it. I am protected.

I take care of myself easily and well. All is well.

On the left:  I feel angry and afraid

In the past I did not care for myself as well as I might have.

On the right–It is ok to see that habits change bit by bit.

Now I know how to live in more ease and balance. I feel happy much of the time.

I am on a human journey experiencing, learning, growing. I  safeguard my own needs.

I use what I learn on my journey to assist others. That feels so good too.

I am part of an expanding universe and when I feel something I don’t want I do really get more clear on what I do want.

With this soothing session I felt less afraid and less angry.

I could breathe more easily; I could admit that what was likely to happen next was not that big a deal.

The past charge had dissipated– I was back in present time.


Important to note, I sat with myself for my own peace of mind. I wanted ease more than I wanted a “solution” of action. I got willing to change my vibration and took time to shift my perceptions.

In the next day or so, there were some email communications and to my surprise, this friend shifted her position in my favor.

I had not called to discuss it ,and the emails did not deal with that piece of the issue at all. I was pleased.

I saw this shift as related to my shifting my energy, my thinking.  I found ease, I found feeling good and things changed outside me.

Please review these steps in this account:

1.) Noticing how I felt ( I did not feel good).

2) Acknowledging that I needed to shift my vibration.

3) Sitting with Myself: it was my part to change, even though my upset was focused on another ( I could easily blame that person for my upset),

4) Creating the Chart to Uplift: “talking” with myself, felt feelings and found thoughts to promote a more serene state,

5) Making wanting to feel better most important,

6) Appreciating myself for getting relief and basking in feeling better, and

7) Grooving on how amazing and powerful it is when I align.

Have you seen this kind of result from changing your vibration and doing inner work? Want to share your story? If you feel moved, please send in story or comment.  I love to hear from you.

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