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Tell a Story that Feels Good

Rosco Pasture II, 16 x 20, $395

Rosco Pasture II, 16 x 20, $395

As you read my column you know that I pay attention to how I feel– that I want to steer toward feeling good. Most of us in this culture look out at the world and react to it. I want to decide that I want to feel good and practice that, then regardless of what I observe I can tune to feeling good more and more, for longer and longer periods of time.

So I notice how I feel and then I say– hmm what am I saying to myself– what story am I creating now? What I think matters a lot.  I want to move more awareness of what I say and to say things more frequently that make me feel good. Let’s create a story not of what we are observing but about what we want to conjure and what we want to appreciate.

Do you recall my reporting about this incident from a few years ago? I had an experience at an auto repair place that I did not prefer. I spent 4 hours there and did not end up with anything fixed in my car. (They pulled out a part and the replacement after market part they had was faulty. I had traveled an hour, they could not get to it again for days.They charged me for labor anyway. I did not want to come back, etc etc) As I was driving away, I asked myself how I could talk about this in an uplifted way. I was tempted to feel stupid and frustrated. Instead I said, “Well I came to Earth for the contrast and here I am right on track.” It had been such a weird set of circumstances it did have humor potential. I began to see the humor in it. I decided not to blame myself and to move on and enjoy the remainder of my day.

As it flowed, the next day I awoke feeling good and with an impulse to call a specific auto shop with whom I had spoken in my repair service search the day before. The mechanic with whom I called on impulse fixed my car very inexpensively and he has become my long term, reliable (even beloved) mechanic. That blip incident led me to this fabulous auto repair resource who is assisting me in going for maintaining my current vehicle into high mileage — something new for me. I am saving a tons of money! Twists and turns with pay off! Now his wife is buying my art!

Recently I met a man who recommends not telling stories. He sees telling stories as dragging one’s heavy past around. For me I would rather tell a story that lifts me. I would rather pay attention to what comes out of my mouth and create momentum in the direction I want to move. Abraham says be aware of what mood I am creating from– reach for the best feeling you can. I can create a heaviness or I can create an uplifting environment. We have the power to get what we want and the power to choose our mood.

How does one start to shift a story? I start with the way I see life in a big picture perspective.  I came from Pure Positive Energy to Earth, incarnated to experience contrast, variety. I experience the diversity in this life, discovering what I don’t want, then turning to what I do want. Birthing new wants expands the Universe and that is why I am here. If I feel less than good, I can soothe myself with a big picture frame for that moment. One of the Abe students attending my classes says “Source has my back!”– that reminds her what she wants to remember. “Good pours down around and through me” ; “Only Good comes to me; Only Good comes from me”.  Another Abe friend says, “And that’s OK” as she relates events, accepting what she is feeling and what is going on.”

What do you use to soothe yourself? Since we know we think, what thoughts work really well to cheer you?  What story do you tell yourself when you want to feel better? Feel free to ask questions about this piece or to tell a related story. Please send your thoughts to jpearl@streamofyes.com.  We know the sun is there behind every cloud.

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