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Tell Stories That Feel Good

Rosco Pasture I, 24 x 30, Acrylic, $525

Rosco Pasture I, 24 x 30, Acrylic, $525

We can build momentum in the new year by telling stories that feel good in telling them. YAY! Let’s often use this approach to lifting ourselves and others!

I will begin by telling one: For many years I lived in Boston  and viewed art

 regularly. Since some of my family lived near NYC, I used the opportunity to see exhibits there.

I fed my passion for modern art most weeks of those years.  Pieces with color, movement, texture and light fueled me deep inside.

At an open studio in the suburbs one spring, I came upon a very exciting piece in the lobby. Immediately, I shot down to that person’s space to relish the work. While there, another visitor appeared– to my surprise, a friend of my close friend. What an amazing “coincidence!”

Later, as I told my close friend about this serendipity, I heard myself say that I would love to study with this artist. Some calls were made and then…

In just a couple of days the artist, who did not usually teach adults, had agreed to teach me privately at a reasonable rate.

Studying with Lena Marchi, painter and printmaker, for three years launched me on course to becoming the artist I am today.

I love telling that story. When I recount it, I am filled with gratitude and a sense of miracles that unfold for me. I see that I have been guided and sent helpers. And, I acknowledge that I kept going: painting, studying, persisting.

When we tell a story that brings up our passion we focus on what we love and of what we want more. Our imagination is ignited–we feel like we are there again.

Another example:

Abraham shared a story from Esther’s life, a time when her daughter called for help. On the phone the daughter started telling about how good she felt with Abraham– before she told the whole thing– she knew she felt better and hung up, realizing that was all she needed.

My point: we can tell stories like this, ones we love to tell on purpose. Replaying these stories lifts us when we want to shift your focus. 

We can tell stories about good things that happen (ed) to us. — past or present. Get our juices of enjoyment flowing! “There was this time…”, ” I loved how…”  , ” It felt great when…” It contributes to the whole world! Want to tell one of yours? Please comment!

Please spread enthusiasm, passions and pleasures!


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