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Living in the Stream of Yes

Take the Easy Path


Want to get more of what you want? Who doesn’t! Bask in the flow! Notice how you can do what is easier for you as you live each day.

In 2002 I planned to make a big move from MA to VA.

During that tumultuous time. a healing practitioner introduced me to this principle– go with the easiest path.  

Near Taylor Creek, 30 x 40, $725

Near Taylor Creek, 30 x 40, $725

 Here I was making myriad decisions about house, job, retirement. Do what required least effort? How astonishing!

Not evaluate what would cost less? Not discern how to maximize benefit to others? Not think how to “do the right thing?”

I decided to sell the house rather than rent it. Let the momentum of this move roll– clear out much accumulation and move on.  Wouldn’t I want to keep going and not look back in the role of landlord?

Other examples:

Today I shook the rugs out. Old fashioned I know.  For me it is easier because the shag run clogs the roller on the vacuum. I prefer using a flat dust mop to vacuuming vinyl flooring and hard wood floors. This guidance assists me in so many ways probably daily.

One time I saw a segment on an Abraham DVD that is telling on this topic. The woman in the hot seat worried that she attracts mosquitoes. What can she do about this? Abraham advised that she practice enjoying herself while mosquitoes are in her life. Let it take time for her to change her vibration as she has fun anyway in the presence of these pests.

For example, she can focus on all the good that surrounds her and she can expect to have fun.

And at night for now it is easiest to cover herself with a sheet to prevent unwanted bites from you know what. Using the sheet is the easiest thing to do.

About two years ago I changed the location of the monthly support group to the library closest to me. It is easier for me– turned out it was easier for others too. Wow it’s fun to go with what is easy for me!

Around us we hear so many other cues for “what to do”. What a revelation that we can relax and flow!  I love directing myself this way.  Things I “should” do, I am getting to when the spirit moves me.

Do you have some examples that illustrate this point? Please comment! Hearing evidence of success serves us all!

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