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Make it Ok: Great Focus for the New Year


Rosco Pasture III, 16 x 20, SOLD

Rosco Pasture III, 16 x 20, SOLD

Can we make whatever happens in our lives ok? What an astonishing formulation! What do we want our thought to be when we spill our proverbial milk?

Start with putting out the intention: “I accept what is.” If you are like me,

you may exclaim when you drop yogurt, “Yikes!”

What comes next though? Where do I go with my mind after the shock?

How about this:  “It’s ok.” How about wiping up the mess and keep going.

Let me turn my attention to all the Good flowing.

Do you enjoy this story from my college days? A girlfriend and I were walking across campus and had stopped to chat. All of a sudden a bird flew over us,  made droppings which landed on my head  ( really).

As if on cue, immediately I sat down on the ground, thrusting my arms to the sky and cried, “Why me!”

We both roared with laughter. This “bad luck” got turned into a fun time, and a memory that continues to bring me a chuckle even now.

Another example: yesterday I received a few gifts. At the event where I spent most of the day, I was given a felt covered rock with a felted star on it. Yellow star on blue.

At first I just smiled. Then I got my courage to ask what to do with it. At opening,  my hostess said “Oh anything. You can use it as a paperweight.” I just kept chatting. ( Not polite to cringe or groan when receiving an offering.)

Later in the day, a group sitting around, warmed by a wood stove, I showed off my rock. Her boyfriend started some banter. Somehow it felt ok to start joking about it.

One remark led to another and before too long, the conversation had hit my funny bone big time and literally I was laughing so hard, I could not stop.  My eyes streamed.

The friend who offered the present was also roaring in hysteria.

Now when I look at that rock, I start to giggle. It needs no other purpose. Bingo! What started as unwanted I now associate with silliness and delight!

Have you been kept home by a storm, then had a great visit or phone call holding a warm drink for comfort?

Years ago I had a three hour ride home ( usually 45 min) on a bus in a major northeaster.  On the trip I chatted with a man who I did not know. We shared deep things and had a lovely connection. It’s a rich memory– so glad I had that long ride home.

Aren’t you glad when that client cancelled that you make it ok and appreciated the time to  run an errand, take a nap or make that phone call?

Have you had a fender bender and in the midst of it realized that you were ok and that you may meet someone really cool in this process? Or that you got out of a meeting you were dreading?

What examples do you recall where you made the best of a situation you did not prefer?

Instead of beginning with instances when much more “serious” events occur with bigger consequences, why not start making all manner of small stuff ok?

What fun to play the game of watching the evidence of Good show up from circumstances and events that you did not choose.

Got some stories from your life? Please comment! If not please make note of them– it’s fun and I will be glad to read what you submit.

We train ourselves to see that Life is FOR US!  Happy New Year!

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