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Getting on A Roll: Momentum and Law of Attraction


Crozet Creek, 12 x 16,Acrylic, $235

Crozet Creek, 12 x 16,Acrylic, $235

Many of you undoubtedly have already experienced feeling a flow that seems to have steam propelling it– good things are happening and more good piles on. Also the reverse–kind of the stereotypical “Murphy’s Law”  — one thing goes awry and then other things seem to spill off the rails too.

This post is about how Murphy’s Law does not operate for those who understand how we can control the direction of our energy.

I have written extensively about the flow of good and about priming the pump of it.  One can also slow down and shift when events are not going as preferred.

A humble illustration:

On Christmas morning several years ago when I wanted to check my email, my computer would not boot up properly. Instead, I found myself staring into a black screen with one small white arrow. I tried to turn it off and on again, tried letting it rest an hour or so, took the battery out and in, plugging unplugging… It did not change the situation.

Gazing into that screen I felt..er.. unsettled. I admit I started to get upset, pinched off from Source. Pulling out a back-up small netbook, I wrote email SOS to a geek friend.

Next is a key action: I imagined that this was not a serious problem. My tech ally would have some suggestions, I was not alone. Pause, Breathe– I did.

Then I turned my attention to baking and preparing for a Christmas afternoon gathering.

As it happened Mr Tech could receive my machine– so I dropped it off on my way out to fun.

Earlier in my life I would have thought that the upset I felt would block the flow of good to me. I would have seen myself as not good at following these teachings, postulating that I was “less than” because I attracted this problem and got rattled.

Here is what I am discovering about the Laws of the Universe: I stopped focusing on the upset. I distracted myself and assumed the best. Delighted to report I could do this! (I  am Good, including good enough!) I slowed the momentum of negative emotion.

It was validating, heartening and wonderful to see the positive outcome: the computer was “fixed” without any loss of data or other damage ( a visit to the geek friend– he did the trick though he does not know what went wrong specifically).

True, I had felt some upset, nervousness, dread, depression.  And I did whisper to myself: maybe I will see how all is well despite the black screen. I reached for the positive I could.

Take away(s) for me:

1. I felt those feelings, I remembered that I had momentum going where I did not want to go so I made the best of it.

2. The feelings are ok. Then I shifted bit by bit.

3. I had been telling a friend who just purchased a new computer how wonderful it was to have this tech savvy friend backing me up. The Universe gave me more of that! Cute to notice.

4. Good to notice how the lists of appreciation pay off — I have momentum for Good.

5.  When upset, distract yourself as best you can. Make the current blip ok and feel your way to some kind of relief.

We control ourselves and our vibration. We can slow down when we get what we momentarily get what we don’t want.

Questions? Please comment and I will respond. Have a story to share? Love to hear it!

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