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We can keep ourselves focused on what is going well for us. When we do, we can experience an increase in what goes well! Worth the focus! And What fun!

The Rendezvous

Crofton Spring, 12 x 16, $395

One day Jolene ran into a person she knew named Katrina. These two had met in a group meeting to view Abraham seminars. Both followed guidance of reaching for thoughts that feel better.

With animation Katrina reported that she just came from a heated exchange with her employer and she quit her job. Tension had been building over the recent months, and she’d been thinking about leaving.

Now standing in the doorway, she was on a roll, energy flowing. Telling the story including appreciating. Kat said,

“Oh I’m’ so glad to run into you.

It’s wonderful to talk with you right now. Wow you even have time to pause and sit together for a few minutes.

I called my partner. He was so supportive– it was great. He remains strongly with me even though I will have interrupted income. I appreciate how he was right there for me.

He looks for the Good, too. How cool is that! Such a delight to share life with him now!”


Jolene and Kat reviewed how easily K can find another position if and when she wants one. As a nurse her profession and skills are in demand. How fortunate will that next employer be to have her on that team!

Jolene shared this story:

“In June of one year, I was transferred to another unit, abruptly. Two days notice was provided. The current bosses did not like me, true. Still I found this move shocking.

 In the new unit I was not given an assignment immediately– it felt like just hanging there for a period of weeks. Then I was assigned to revitalize a policy area, new to me, with many challenges. From this beginning came the most satisfying and successful work of my career. The undignified, unexpected start led to the best opportunity ever! On that first day I did not feel that great and good stuff was not yet visible– at all. Who knows what can happen from what is transpiring today?”

Katrina wanted to uplift her thought that she had done something “wrong”. As the two exchanged K calmed and began to regain her balance. Kat noticed that she ran into J when she such a conversation was so beneficial. Isn’t this cool! She could see she was actually completely fine.

Extra Goodie

Several minutes later as this duo was readying to part, an older less able-bodied woman approached requesting if she could use the seats we occupied. Apparently, the arrangement of the furniture in this spot was special to her in that it provided support for her to get herself to sitting and rise again.

Jolene and Katrina were glad to assist her. The woman chatted with them and within a few sentences, the woman had provided a good lead for a possible job for Katrina. Wow K was already  attracting next steps for her next job! Presto!

We can enjoy our lives optimistically watching for more Good to flow! 

Do you have stories that illustrate this point? Please share one at jpearl@streamofyes.com. Inspiration, joy! YAY!

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