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 Have any of you experienced the threat of a pipeline through your community? I have a close friend living where this activity is under discussion.

How can I maintain my good vibes when something like this is in my sphere.  How can I shift my thinking and feel better?   

Orange Tree Out Back, 16 x 20, $475

Orange Tree Out Back, 16 x 20, $475

On the face of things this can look like Big Power Company against little neighborhood. My friend Matilda felt her habit– fear that this construction initiative could negatively impact her. She wants to feel good.

True, she does not want that development.

The message today: she has the personal power to feel good whether that pipeline is built or not.

Without stopping to reframe she might think:

  • I’ll be a victim of this company
  • It’s so near my house
  • The neighbors are up in arms– there is a threat
  • A big thing is about to happen. I have to fight against it.
  • I’m frightened as are my friends.

I reminded her of one possible way to process this:

  • Matilda can notice the bounty and wonder all around her anytime.
  • She alone controls how she is feeling.
  • She has the Forces of Good on her side and daily reaches to feel herself connected to the Forces of Good.
  • I said, “Think about this slowly –The Forces of Good keep the planets spinning around the sun, Earth included.
  • Source creates every creature that walks this earth.
  • This Power courses through your veins.
  • Does that Force have more power than a utility company?” No!

Matilda called me in distress– I offered what I recount here. After a few minutes the quality of my friend’s voice changed.

“Oh yes. This is what I want to remember. Oh yes, I feel that soothing.”

In that blink of an eye, the time it took to think a different thought she was back in the saddle of connection.

Because she’d been practicing, she could notice the habit of thought that leads to fear and could switch quickly to feeling stronger.

Dear Readers, you know I advocate that a person rehearse thoughts of Feeling Good when it is easily done–usually first thing in the morning.

What thoughts work for you when you want to feel better? Please experiment and comment! Your ideas will undoubtedly inspire me and others!

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