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A Roll of Fun Thinking

Swimmers, 24 x 30, $525

Swimmers, 24 x 30, $525

Have you begun to marshal the awesome power of your focus? I find it so cool to let my mind roll in the hay with stuff I love to think about. Sometimes I ask myself “What do I love and why do I love it?”  It is astonishing how much juice I can get from thinking or talking about what I love!

Have you seen someone light up talking about their grandchildren? Or the refinishing and repairing of a boat out back? Or training a horse? It is uplifting to listen and watch someone bubble over about their thing– it is kind of catching– it can help a good mood feel even better.

I love to paint. I love to play with the colors. In the last week I focused on a piece in hopes of pulling it together– it seemed too segmented. Pop in my minds eye I received guidance on how to approach the improvement and in just a few minutes the piece read as so much more integrated. Ahhh … satisfying to do. Then I showed it to a friend who ooo’d and ahhh’d about how it now it worked so much better. The feeling spiked watching her reaction. Now I am writing about it to you, dear readers and I feel it again. I call up that good feeling telling the story.

Point: if I pay attention I can help myself feel good by being conscious of what story I am telling. I can have fun and then keep having it under my own steam.

This week I visited an art center in a nearby city and met some new art friends. They told me about some art studios being developed about which I had been completely uninformed.  It was great that they exclaimed how much they admired my paintings on my website! Their friendliness and the robust community activity around art got me thinking about how many opportunities abound for connection and creativity. There is so much possible fun for me in the future, and I was thrilled with the wee glimpse. I met some happy people. Riding home I noticed how my spirits were so lifted by this chance encounter. It was fun in the moment and I imagined more possibilities from chatting for those few minutes. I am feeling it again as I write now.

I admit I look for fun and then I find it! Dear Readers, I invite you to watch for it too. Then if you feel so moved, write me about the experience. I bet you will feel it again as you share :). Write to jpearl@streamofyes.com. We’ll add the evidence that there is lots of fun to be had and we easily add to it.

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