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Rescue Shows Up

Aid, 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Aid, 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $395

Kay, a friend, brought over lumber to a neighbor. She’d been meaning to get to it, and  that day she loaded the truck and did it. While she was visiting, she noticed that the bin in the barn had been opened with much of the bin missing. She and the neighbor figured out that some horse had wandered in and eaten his or her fill.  Kay knew that the amount that was consumed could be deadly for whatever animal had feasted.

Kay and her neighbor figured out whose horse was probably the one, investigated and the danger to the animal flagged to its owner. The horse was treated in time, and no major damage to the animal occurred. My friend’s impulse to do her delivery that day, that morning, resulted in saving an animal. Kay felt great being the heroine for that horse.

One day a few years ago I was packing up my massage table to load into my car for a workshop. As I was folding it up, a piece came off in my hand. I am not someone who easily can repair things. Just as this was happening a delivery man walks up the stairs to my office suite. The office suite is small and in a rural area, rarely used. The man looked into my office, I caught his eye and asked if he can help me with what was happening. He fixed the table very promptly. Meanwhile, this man had a package for someone who was not located in this building.  My problem was alleviated before I could even form the sentence– this man just showed up to assist me.

Do you have stories where you are rescued in surprising ways? Or have you been the one who offers help just as another really could use a hand?  Isn’t it fun and uplifting to think of these instances? Or even just read these accounts that happened to others? Here’s another one:

When I was in my late twenties, I had routine dental x-rays, and it showed a bit of darker area around my front teeth. I had had a blow to the front of my face in dance class. Based on this information the dentist told me I needed a root canal, and we scheduled an appointment. Before the appointment it happened that I traveled to my partner’s family for a weekend. His mother, Mildred,  heard what had happened with the dental visit and something did not sound right to her. That family had a local dentist who saw patients in his home office.

She called him, and he saw me for a few minutes that weekend. He thought I did not need a root canal. At this point I had two dental opinions, one for and one against. When I went home I got a third opinion– this time from the man who had had been the teacher of the first dentist. That man was appalled at his former student’s judgment. This is how I was saved from having a root canal in my front tooth. Meanwhile in the years since, I have received tons of compliments for my beautiful smile. Mildred’s involvement saved my front teeth.

I love these stories. I love receiving the help. I love knowing that help has shown up for me– many more times that these– sometimes before I realize I need help.  In my mind this demonstrates Well Being all around. I feel good knowing this. The more I reach for these examples, the more I recall and the more I feel good.

How about you?  I recommend you list times when you were rescued or when you are the one who saved the day. Want to spread around some of this joy? Please send the reports to jpearl@streamofyes.com. If you give your permission, I would love to use this blog to demonstrate how much we are surrounded and protected by Well Being. We are part of the flowing Good.

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