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It’s Ok to Be the Way You Are

Extract from Imagined on 810

Extract from Imagined on 810

“It’s Ok to be Unhappy, Honey

Everyone’s been blue

And blue’s a pretty color, Baby,

When it’s worn by you

It’s ok to lose your way, My love

We’ve all been lonely too

It’s ok to be the  way you  are

No matter what you do.”[1]

Have you ever perceived the world as depressing and dark? Have you ever felt down and pessimistic? I have– and it happened this week– surprising even to myself !

How did I react? What did I do for myself?

You know, making it ok to be where I am was helpful. What did I want? Though of course there was a specific story going on with players, actions and stuff, what I wanted most when feeling that poorly was to feel better.  I remembered that was the most important thing, the basis from which Good flows more and more abundantly.

Well Being still abounds when I feel rotten.  Doesn’t the sun still shine behind the darkest of storm clouds?  I distracted myself with reading mystery stories and listening to audiobooks. I painted, experimenting with some new approaches with my art.

A Client Reaching for Ease

I recalled a client with a far more dramatic story than my own.

Remy had been a student of mine, attending irregularly. One day she called me urgency in her voice, asking for immediate assistance.  This woman has achieved stature as a horse trainer, preparing horses for high level competitions, including those of clients and her own.  In the day or two before the call, Remy’s horse had been injured by another horse in the pasture, so seriously that she was required to send that dear animal to horse heaven. She was three years into a staged training process readying that mare for performing at the the highest level of international competition. This event felt devastating to her.

What comfort can one offer at a time like that?

That day in session I talked about relief from self blame. I soothed her reminding her she was ok and that life was continuing despite this event.  She had learned tremendously from knowing this horse; she had gained great skills that she now had mastered which she would apply to her next training experiences.  She had received great love from the horse and the horse had known how much she deeply loved her. So much Good had come from her experiences with this horse — it mattered and she had not lost the essence of their relationship and exchange. Remy received some measure of relief.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Helpful

Additionally, I offered her Jin Shin Jyutsu, an art that harmonizes the body’s energy and feels very soothing to receive. ( see more on this elsewhere on my website here (http://streamofyes.com/)

Bringing up this incident inspired me as I reached for feeling better. The environment created for Remy in her session that day mattered tremendously to her. It reinforced my value despite feeling low.

Focusing on the Big Picture

We came form pure positive energy to have experiences. When we came to Earth, we knew we would no like all that was here. We knew that we would turn from what we do not like and thereby know what we do want.  Our life journey’s expand the Universe– the desire toward what we do want– and that is our purpose.

Readers Take Away:

How can I direct myself to cheer up a sadness, slump, bump in the road?

  • Appreciate what you can around you. ( Hey this remote works to turn on the tv!)
  • Talk about what is going well– as you can find it :).
  • Exercise a bit
  • Enjoy some nature
  • Sleep
  • Look for the Good flowing from events you did not choose. Where are you led? What people do you meet because you are dealing with this circumstance?

This too shall pass– accept the flow of life and keep going.

Each of us will find our own way through our dips. It is ok to feel low.

Do you have a story of recovery that inspired you– a personal or public hero of yours or a tale of your own? Please send that or other comments to me at jpearl@streamof yes.com.  “It is ok to be the way you are, no matter what you do”.[2]






[1] Song from the Living Love Community founded by Ken Keyes

[2] Ibid

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