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Envisioning, 24 x 30, with Texture, SOLD

How do I promote healing for a “blip” in bodily condition? How do I use what I live by and write about in these posts for a swollen foot and ankle? Interested?

The Condition:

I had noticed that my left foot and ankle on one side were enlarged. In the past I had had a similar condition that was slight and resolved in the morning.

In this instance the swelling was more prominent and it was not returning to normal as I woke.

I put on my shoe carefully because it hurt, and walked around with care and an occasional wince.

The Herbalist

In my case I chose not to consult western medicine physician nor get that kind of diagnosis.

Instead I see an Chinese herbalist regularly and had an appointment just when I needed it. The appearance of my lower extremity got his attention. He said, “You don’t want this to get any worse.”

Here is what I got from him:

  1. a new herbal formula twice daily
  2. written guidance on going to a food plan to make my ph much more alkaline, and
  3. product recommendations to assist the process of alkalinizing.

Before I left his office I told him, “I will follow your recommendations to the best of my ability. I do believe that this is a just a blip and I will recover easily. The Force of Well Being pours through me and does not depend on this food plan.”

I did go straight to the stores to acquire what I needed to change the food, bought some products too, ordered another online.  ( If you want to know the specs, just ask 🙂 ).

Healing my Mind and Emotions

What did I do to soothe my thoughts and emotions? What was my attitude?

  1. I affirmed my Wholeness as much as I could. I visualized light flooding the affected areas and then over my whole dear self.
  2. Said I tomyself, “Well…I AM walking around. I am caring for myself independently. I have lots of knowledge and tools in my toolkit.I can still participate in my life robustly ( it was around Christmas and New Years) and enjoy myself.”
  1. I used Jin Shin Jyutsu. Jin Shin Jyutsu is founded on the understanding that we need only harmonize with Well Being. This art can be used on oneself. I adopted a regime of putting hands to myself three times a day, usually at least 30 minutes each application.

Using this, I am harmonizing the cells in my being and also am calming my emotions. I reaped rewards and felt happier each time, even before the swelling started to reduce.

  1. I knew I had some fear bubbling up. Some vibration from a past hurt was arising to get my attention in order to be soothed. I spent quiet time listening, writing, updating my beliefs.

Once brought to present time, this “stuff” is accessible and I can address it. I can counsel myself– that place of hurt  inner child with who I have become in 2017.  I felt the effects.

  1. I also received some other energy medicine sessions from another practitioner which helped. (agina, write for details).
  1. I kept swimming throughout, took it easier, took off the flippers for a few week.


After one week, my left big toe and sole of my foot were much less tender.

After two weeks, I felt less sensation on walking and could move forward in body alignment.

After three weeks, my foot and ankle were normal size both evening and morning– a good chunk leaner than even the morning condition before Christmas.

I wanted you dear readers to know what is possible. Sharing success is fun. Gosh I feel a boost writing this out for you!

Got some natural healing stories where working with attitude was a key component? Love to hear them. Please send them in! Meanwhile, keep beaming your Light!



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