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Taylor Creek 2, 30 x  40,  $525

Taylor Creek 2, 30 x 40, $525

An important aspect of empowering myself is to realize how my mood creates the atmosphere of my experiences.  Many of us “know this” already — I want to stay actively awake to how I create as I go through my day.

Rhonda found herself upset. Though she’s never been on the stage, she kept fairly balanced as she interacted with her date Eric.

She had reacted to a situation relating to a time of ice and snow and the preparedness for those conditions.  

Eric arrived with a vehicle that could not handle the road conditions presenting.

He asked her to drive into town in her car on those icy roads. She declined. As they settled into dinner and conversation Rhonda wanted to make the best of things and flow along.

Later she reflected on their time together that night she felt dissatisfied. After much processing within herself, listening to her complaints “about him” in her head, she realized she had gotten out of balance and…

1) was focusing on what she did not want instead of what she DID want

2) had created a tense atmosphere in which her friend Eric discussed topics that were what he did not want.

She had not enjoyed parts of that interaction.

As she observed what she did not want, as she complained, she had perceptions that were dominated with that. She created the lens through which she viewed and experienced. Duh! But really good to notice. Her tension and out of balance state brought to her something she did not prefer.

As she realized this, she began her process to recover her balance. In this case it took several days and she chose not to date during this interval.

She spent time doing things she enjoyed. She reminded herself that she could take the time it took. Ok not to rush.

She appreciated what was easy to appreciate.

She wanted ease and flow.

Can you relate? Have there been times when you looked back at an interaction that you did not like and realize the part your mood played in the story? Love to hear your sharing. Please comment if you feel so moved.



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