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Power of Influence


Spring Glance to Woods, 9 x 12, SOLD,

Spring Glance to Woods, 9 x 12, SOLD,

What about controlling another person?  We all have experienced wanting that power. Laws of Universe seem to indicate that is impossible. Each person has free will. Certainly though, we can be of influence and each of us has stories where we have. 

Where do we begin to be of influence? “Controlling” ourselves: change our habits of thought from the past and shift our own beliefs.  Use our own consciousness to hold a vision for the other. Here are some accounts:

Example I:

From hundreds of miles away, Tara was called to her mother’s bedside to support her, staying for weeks. For many years our heroine had wanted to protect herself from the judging statements of her mom, Greta. Those maternal statements hurt her. To cope Tara guarded her heart when around her. How was she going to offer this injured person love from behind an emotional shield ?

Our star used her active imagination. She calmed herself, then she pictured  Greta in her perfection, envisioning  her healthy strong, master of her impulses, feeling happy.  In her image, her mother danced gracefully and happily in a bubble of light.

Daily Tara sat by the hospital bed, visiting, and in her mind she ran this mental picture, not mentioning a word about this. Greta might complain, chat or sleep: with discipline and love Tara held this image, doing this for her own self, a means of calming and soothing herself.

What happened was more than “worth reporting”—it was astonishing! From a woman who complained and spoke in irritation, Greta became a very positive person.  This mother had raised Tara – yet in her last two weeks mom offered daughter more appreciations than in the whole of 55 years up to that point.

Here is what our dear protagonist noticed: it was like Tara had created an atmosphere of Light, of positive energy, that Greta could choose to join.  Holding the vision was not put forth to control or change her mother. It created a space that was inviting.

Example II:

Camilla was in her first year of having a boyfriend. Closer and closer they became. Along with it came experiencing some traits of the man with which  Camilla found very difficult to live.  She felt fear, she considered breaking up. Then it came to her to try envisioning.

Camilla decided to see what she could do inside herself to address her difficulty. That heroine developed a picture of her guy shifting some of his reactions, using words in a more soothing manner in certain situations. Before she pictured this thought, Camilla calmed herself and appreciated what she could, uplifting her mood.

She practiced this for a couple of weeks. Now what? The boyfriend did shift. This woman had not uttered a word to him about her distress on this behavior.  Camilla was impressed and delighted. How cool is that?

Play with this process for your own joy and mastery. Notice this key: the agenda is not “control of this other.”  Use the power of seeing another perfect and whole on the invisible level. We cannot lose because in the process we are training our mind toward more vision of Good. This is something we can “do”.

Isn’t it awesome that we can influence one another this way?  Want to share a tale of your own? Please comment! So much power to inform one another of what we can do!

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