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Crash Part of the Journey


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Mint Spring View, 12 x 16, $295

Life is an adventure: thrills and chills. In this post I remind us that “crashing” is ok.

Do you have the habitual thought to blame someone ( self or others) when things go awry? MY hand is up.

My up to date thinking : it is ok to crash and burn.

I can let myself have whatever time it takes to recover.

An Example

Recently in an Abraham DVD, a man told Abraham the story of his drone crashing. He had felt so good and then he was so very hurt when it came to earth with a boom smashed to bits.

What was he told? Part of his journey unfolding. Nothing’s going wrong. He is learning to fly drones. This event led to his receiving an audience with Abraham who helped him see how this incident was alright: it did not mean anything bad about him. He had been and would always be a delightful person. We want to focus on the unfolding and not destinations so much.

Personally I find taking in this lesson profoundly important. Who knew I could remain more relaxed about unwanted events?

Now I practice making it ok– whatever is flowing. Focusing on Ease—releasing judgment, guilt, resentment, blame….

Acceptance when facing unwanted means I need not exert great effort to uplift.

I get a fresh start every morning.  Often I feel better after a good night’s sleep.

After an upset these days, like a dating disappointment, a woman’s friend’s remark that hurt, needing a new place to live, I may dive into a juicy mystery novel, go for a swim, clean my house.

I coast while I recover my natural good feeling. Be easy. WOW what a thought!

Lately, I remind myself of this message often. Actively I rewire my habit of self blame– all those “shoulds” identified and healed.

When I review this summer, I had more days than usual of feeling upset. I made it ok. I distracted myself and I did appreciate what I could as I found ease.

Take Aways:

Find comfort to know we are enough and can allow time to help us heal.

Take on no blame for being upset nor feel a need to force a quick fix to the hurt, fear, jealousy or whatever else has been stirred.

The Unwanted serves us to expand and gain mastery.

Well Being Pours Around. Good infuses us. and Things Wanted Appear :).

Comments? I delight in your sharing the stories of your adventures!

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