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When Magic Finds Us


Trusting Ease, Diptych two 30 x 40s, $995

Trusting Ease, Diptych two 30 x 40s, $995

We just don’t know when magic will find us. Or where… On Saturday I ran into the grocery store for a produce run. I eat alot of green veggies. 🙂

With ease and pleasure I sailed around picking out organic and fresh items, loaded my cart and headed for check out. Sometimes I use self check out stations but with so much produce it is easier using a store cashier.

I regarded the lines of people waiting and got in what looked to be the quickest queue: a man and his toddler.

Waiting, I admired how fast the scanning system operates these days. He had a big order but in no time all the groceries were through.

The attendant asked the fellow if he had a courtesy card for this store. He indicated no.

Sometimes when I hear that the person before me has no card, I volunteer mine. This time before I could do that the attendant looked at me and asked if I had one.

” Oh sure,” said I, waking up to the situation. Holding out my card the machine beeped, the screen rolled and new numbers appeared in view.

I chirped, ” Well I’ll get lower gas prices.” ( This store offers reduction in gas when a customer reaches $100 threshold, one I rarely reach because I only buy produce there.)

The cashier said,  “He saved $30.”

“Wow,” I cried, “I had no idea it would be that much.”

The customer looked me in the eye. He said, “Thank you. that’s a  Christmas gift”.

I beamed. Who knew I’d have a magical moment popping in to get provisions?? I enjoyed a spike in happiness 🙂

Going through life feeling good and getting a chance to offer help so easily— I am having fun!  Do you have some stories of feel good events showing up in your ease and flow? Please share them in the comments section. (Use the browser version to find the comments box at the end of the post.) Let’s here it for Santa’s elves!



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