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Emerging in Oranges, 24 x 30, $525

Emerging in Oranges, 24 x 30, $525

I find myself awestruck at how unexpected support pours down for me as I follow my inner guidance to steer toward feeling good.

On December 31, 2016 I woke and had an idea pop into my head. My mother passed away on that date 10 years ago: I wanted to light a candle for her. Raised Jewish, most of the religion and  cultural traditions I have left behind. It is a Jewish custom to light a yahzeit candle on the anniversary of a dead loved one. Sold in many supermarkets they burn for 24 hours.

Surprising myself, I got an impulse to acquire one and light it for my mother.

Cool! As I thought of the day I had planned, I intended to get produce at a supermarket and could purchase one there. Then I’d go to a yoga class.

Hours later I headed home and realized that I had forgotten the candle. Whoops.

In a couple of hours I had another appointment. Not going to another store, I stayed on track for lunch and rest before driving to the next destination. I released the candle mission for the moment. I did not care deeply if I lit it on this exact day or one in the next week.

Before long I arrived at the next stop: my friend’s abode where she and I intend to exchange our respective modalities to support our growth. Down we stepped into her  space set up for nurturing and healing. On a table across the room two small white candles burned.

I commented, “Today represents the anniversary of my mother’s passing– 10 years. I meant to get a candle for her at Krogers but forgot.”

“Oh,” says she, “I get candles at Krogers– those lit over there.” She knelt down and looked at the white wax in the small clear glass, “Well this one says some word beginning with a yah.. I don’t know how to say it…. I’ve used these for years.”

“Those are the kind I meant to buy,” I respond. “Jews use them to mark the anniversary of the day someone dear transitioned.”

She stands up.

“Well here I have an extra one.” She puts a yahzeit candle. in my hand.

When I get home, later on December 31, I put match to candle– that flame lasted for 24 hours.

I was so impressed– Golly a miracle! I had a wish,  let go of it and in a basement in Nellysford I was gifted with what I wanted on the day I wanted it. WOW

I felt supported by the Divine, loved.

Has some amazing events shown up for you? Please tell me your stories. If you do, let me know if you’d like the account shared with others who read this blog. Comment below the post in the browser version.

Thanks! Your reading the blog delights me! Sharing your experiences fills my heart.


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