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Living in the Stream of Yes

Moments of Fear


Those of us following a path of self-mastery will experience fear and related emotions as we proceed. We grow by allowing old hurts to surface, we notice and recognize them. We make it ok and then we can release it.

As we are reaching for courage, we could view feeling fear as a misstep. Let’s recognize instead that we are on track. How to steer ourselves as this uncomfortable flow of energy momentarily fills our perceptive lens.

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Gabby’s Story

Gabby realized half awake at 3 am that she had had a “bad dream”. In the dream she was part of a family. She wanted to enjoy the interactions and instead, she felt compelled to leave the room, really wanting to hide. She felt frightened.

Our star could not just return to sleep. “Oh my,” said our heroine to herself, “My thoughts are filled with scary images. I feel adrenaline through me. What to do with myself?”

In her study of building personal power, G knew that pushing against this discomfort would not actually speed her recovery.

In this instance, Gabby rose to head downstairs to check her email. Her strategy at first: steep herself in some experience of her present time real life. This action would serve to put her mind on something off the topics which trigger the terror.

Then she came back upstairs and sat in her contemplative corner, complete with candles, where she regularly put focus on Faith, Forces of Good and Well Being abounding. Our star read some supportive passages. This dear woman is assisted so much by making what she is going through right now ok.

Yes some relief; yes she still felt some impatience and irritation.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

She crawled back into bed and applied hands on herself (Jin Shin Jyutsu) to bring forth more experience of harmony and calm.

(Hook the right hand over the left shoulder, with the left hand point your fingers up under the left collar bone. Hang out in that position for 2 – 5 minutes. We feel tension drain away—not just an abstract thought.)

Our heroine called on Faith knowing her dear being is ok right now despite this jittery perception. Gabby knows she is  so much more than a momentary feeling.

Each of us can find relief for ourselves, each with his or her own strategies. Perhaps each of us might be ready to self soothe as we allow life to flow.

How do you soothe yourself? Please comment and share what works for you.

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