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Moments of Clarity

Moorman View, 24 x 30, Acrylic, $525

Moorman View, 24 x 30, Acrylic, $525

Sitting in a Japanese restaurant on the 14th Street in Charlottesville, I pictured moving into an environment receptive to my way of seeing health holistically. The vision was more than that — it meant a new world to me and it meant I needed to move to this geographic area from eastern MA. I didn’t know I was “that kind of person”, one who would get such a strong guidance. Later when asked why I moved to VA, I would say– well I broke up from a long relationship, I wanted a new job, a new place to live, a change– and then er… I got a message to move while sitting with sushi — just before going to the airport.

Not everyone has received a mysterious vision to make a big move. Many of you, perhaps most of you, have had moments when you know what to do. Quite possibly, you were so busy doing it, you barely noticed how sure you were….

In the mid 80’s I visited open art studios to experience local artists. In the lobby of one floor of creative work spaces, I spied a work that thrilled me. I want to see THAT artist. I was positive: that piece called me. What unfolded from that choice was three years of art lessons and launching my image of myself as an artist.  From that moment…

When house hunting with my partner and I came upon a certain house , we walked in — within five minutes we looked at each other and said “Where do we sign?” It was humor, and we were both very clear we wanted this house, an affordable modern styled house.

In my class later this month I will guide the students to find in their lives moments of clarity– those times when each “just knew what she wanted”, knew what to do, an instant when it was very clear to them. Does this happen for you regularly? These days it happens alot in my world. Wow those moments of knowing feel so good!

One day this week a close friend, call her Ella, phoned me upset about an incident where she volunteers. Her anger had flared; now she was confused about how to understand what happened and about what to do. First I listened to the story in rich detail. Soon I began to receive.. it flowed to me– what I could offer her.

Short version– she wondered if she should do more with this person to whom she had spoken harsh words– she had already apologized. What came to me as I heard her emotion was that it was key for her to accept herself where she was, make it ok what had been exchanged, what she felt then and now. Slowly in the call I turned her attention toward her feeling good again.

As I spoke with her, I felt clear, strong, and blessed with this wisdom coming to me. Punctuating the call Ella exclaimed– wow you nailed that– how did you know that? By the end grateful for the guidance,  she felt supported and loved. She knew what to do. These moments of clarity feel great for all concerned. 🙂

Wouldn’t it be nice to identify some of the times you have been sure? Why not savor the reviewing of them? When you compile your list, you possess such a useful tool to remind yourself about feeling good.

Can I interest you in reporting some of your moments of clarity to me? You get to feel the good feeling as you call it up. Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com. I hope some good feeling came across as you read today.  Don’t you love it when you just know!


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