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Based on a story that I read on goodnewsnetwork.org, I offer this tale of inspiration for making the best of things under circumstances we do not prefer.

In a small Mexican town one teacher is experimenting with letting students direct their education to a much greater degree than what is common in schools.

Next Chapter, 30 x 40, $625

Next Chapter, 30 x 40, $625

During one school year the teacher told the children about a burro that was thrown into a well. The owner of that animal wanted to get rid of him.

First, the chosen method of disposal involved putting the burro in a hole. Next, the villainous owner shoveled dirt into the hole to bury the creature.

What did the burro do? With each load of soil that came down upon him, this four legged stamped it down, got on top of it and stepped higher.

The mean one with the shovel continued to fill in the opening. When plenty was in the hole, he left.

Bit by bit our hero, the burro, stomped down the debris, rising higher and higher, even as this dirt rained down upon him. Before too long the level of the ground in the hole matched that of the rim. This dear animal walked right out to freedom.

Punchline:  the stuff that was intended to be his demise, what appeared to be “the big problem,” turned out to provide the burro the means of saving himself.

Isn’t that inspiring! Imagine that the very events that seem so tragic even debilitating could provide a great boon to us. Imagine the means of salvation coming from what one would not (never) choose. Wow this turns life on its head. Hey this makes me smile so I thought I would share it! Go Burro!

In my own life I had a partner leave me after a long relationship. Oh Golly, it seemed so tragic! I picked myself up, followed the trail of what was flowing, one day at a time. The “being left” gave me freedom. Step by step, I used my liberty to change around my whole life. What unfolded over years was so much more fun and enriching than ever I could have dreamed.

What does this post stimulate in you? Want to share your reactions and related accounts? Please send comments.

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