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Golden One, Diptych 30 x 40, $990

Golden One, Diptych 30 x 40, $990

Originally I wrote this post in 2013. Isn’t it good to notice that we can call up resource of support in our minds eye! We can ask and we can receive support. It’s there for us!

When I was very ill with Lyme disease a number of years ago, I wanted to express myself cleverly and think in counsel-self mode.

“See the positive”, “Re-frame this situation,” part of my brain urged the other part. My answer at that time, “I am too tired. I cannot think of anything brilliant or tricky. Sigh.”

I laid there in bed with little energy. Here is what came to mind: laying back into the arms of an Angel. And, so I did in my imagination. I pictured the hands of the angel being under my shoulder blades. Cradled in the embrace of an angel, I felt safe. I basked in being loved and accepted as I am.

At that period my habitual thinking often looked for a way to blame myself.  I was the one who got the tick bite. I was the one who was trusting a highly antibiotic herbal treatment over western antibiotics. I attracted this illness.

INSTEAD: ” I have an Angel protecting me.  I receive these healing vibrations from this ministering angel. I recline and let go.”

A key gift of the Lyme adventure has been learning to rest!  I suspended the majority of my “important” work and released into caring for myself, both on inner and outer levels. I entertained myself with reading and television. I watched soothing movies and prepared nourishing meals slowly and with care.

Looking back, after I felt more well, I returned to my creative pursuits with vigor, and my painting took a leap in composition and development. I found more balance, practiced self care to a greater degree when ill. And life continued on, beautifully, after my recovery.

I love that I am trusting the flow of life. I love that some event unwanted stimulates the next stimulation and exploration. Do you see the evidence of this in your life? Do you have stories you want to share? Please comment. When you share your story and insights, you enrich us all!

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