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Making It Ok Where You Are

Rockport 1, 16 x 20, $395

Rockport 1, 16 x 20, $395

Over the last year Eloise has been putting focus on improving her relationship with her long term partner.  She has been taking the approach that she can shift her own vibration and alter the situation.  For awhile using books and web information she updated her knowledge base on how men think, how conscious people affect one another and acquired ideas and tools for how to go for her goal.

The process has involved much noticing what she thinks and what she does. She experienced much upset in some of the interactions with her partner as she proceeded. As part of her journey she noticed her former habit of speaking, sometimes sharply, out of her emotion. Then she observed she did not like what she attracted as a result.

Over the months of practice, she has become more skilled at withdrawing when upset rather than offering an angry, jealous or otherwise upset statement. Lately she has had the self mastery to take time to herself. When she finds herself very upset after communicating with her man, she takes herself to a private space and there she lets her emotion roll. Quietly she  watches and feels her experience. She lets it be,  without judging, fixing or stopping her flow.  After awhile she perceives a shift and feels some sweet relief.

Another instance of accepting from a friend Marty

Marty had been wanting to work on her writing project. She put in half hour or so and then realized she had some other things to handle. She flowed along. It came to mind that a website upgrade effort needed attention. Ok she would take a quick look at that, review the latest info from her web developer. Reading his instructions, she decided to play around with it. Soon she awoke to her inner state: after spending almost an hour, she was feeling pressure grow inside her: overwhelmed and frustrated.. She had wanted to bask in her writing and now she was not only distracted , but also feeling quite out of balance.

Marty knew she needed to take a break and re-boot her vibration. Her approach– it was right there for her– she let herself sob and feel how upsetting it felt to want to create and feel pulled away to other concerns. It tapped into a hurt place of not enough space and time to express her strong creative flow.  Good to point out: even as she felt churned up, she knew that it was not an accurate reflection of her situation.  After she sobbed, she felt relief immediately. Easily she got back into her flow, put aside the website stuff, and began again to write. She did not realize how easily she could shift back into what she loved. Punchline: allow the feeling to come up and express, accept it and then keep going. The we have power to redirect ourselves toward what we want again.

Dear Readers, You are getting the central theme:  I advocate accepting where you are. Release any struggle and let it be. This represents an important aspect of loving ourselves! Hooray for making your feelings, your process ok with you!

Do you have any questions?  Do you have some wonderful examples of how you have accepted your own evolving journey? Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com.  We shift the habit of rejecting ourselves to self acceptance bit by bit.

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