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Safety as We Feel Good: A Story of Identity Theft

Connected, 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $625

Connected, 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $625

About eight years ago Jasmine answered the phone on a Friday evening. In a really good mood, she listened as a man told her she had an opportunity for a vacation. (Later she was unable to recall precisely what he had said) In the moment she felt worthy of this prize and after a long call, gave him the bank information he requested.

Oops her high mood fell– oh my, her gut clenched. Immediately she typed in the company name on the internet and there it was listed as a company running scams online. Oh No! She’d already given her info! Fear coursed through her.

Her right hand went across herself to hook over her left shoulder and her other hand touched under her left collar bone. There she sat for a few minutes, getting some relief from the feelings of panic.

Then  with more presence the idea came to look through her (hand written) address directory. Not too many pages flipped before finding a listing that had juice for her. She wanted to find a person who would not believe in the fear, would not condemn her,  could soothe her and perhaps know what she should do.

Megan, the name that lit up answered her phone,  and was supportive.  In a quick moment  Megan was handing the phone to a friend visiting her that evening, an expert in banking. The banker told Jasmine to get to the bank’s branch that opened Saturday morning and shut down her account. The “bad guys” cannot do nefarious things when banks are closed.  Then she could re-open an account, pay a nominal fee, and save her money.

Easy to do–done!  Jasmine was rescued. Keep reading…

Three years later our heroine opened a letter from a federal agency. In it was a document explaining that her name had been associated with the conviction and settlement of the company that had been bilking funds from citizens. If she had lost more than $35, she could file the forms provided, document the loss, and return them. Otherwise the enclosed check for $35 was her compensation. Readers, that covered her bank fees!  Therefore, she lost nothing in the end.

That night she had been feeling really good. Jasmine had a phone call,  felt panic; she flowed with a contrasting moment. Our heroine interacted with  those who could hurt her– and on her journey she received guidance, protection and even restitution. Isn’t it amazing how it played out!

Point: Jasmine practiced feeling good. She appreciated much each day, more and more. She had momentum of Good streaming! In amazing ways she received the help she needed step by step. She attracted that, even though at times she felt afraid.

This is not to advocate giving out private information to strangers. It is that there is protection included as we appreciate!

Got any stories of how your  received protection or how good things flowed to you?  Please send them to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Good works through all of us!

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