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Loving Yourself


Have you heard this business of appreciating yourself? Loving Yourself? Here are some of my thoughts.

Please know I do believe we have to learn how to love ourselves and it takes practicing.

I make lists of things I enjoy– and that becomes ways I have fun. When I am flowing and happy, I radiate love and I feel good about me.   

Montague Pool II, 24 x 30 Acrylic, $525

Montague Pool II, 24 x 30 Acrylic, $525

Here are some things I enjoy

  • playing with color
  • painting
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Canoeing
  • Visiting a friend
  • Finding a bargain
  • Dropping something and seeing it did not break– YAY

I like noticing too, that I attracted this fun thing. A second quirt of good feeling.

At what are you really good? I recommend making a list.

  • Making friends?
  • Standing on one foot?
  • Laughing?
  • Cleaning?

And what do you appreciate about yourself?

  • I fix stuff
  • I’ve got great hair
  • I keep friends
  • I read alot
  • I hold a job
  • I exercise
  • I take vitamins
  • I get new jobs when needed
  • I take vitamins
  • I play scrabble

and then feel good about each positive. Relish. Delight.

As Mike Dooley has said, “Already your star has set the heavens ablaze.”[1]

Every morning I start my day listing appreciations of myself. In some sessions in my mind’s eye I call up moments when a loved one sung my praises or shared deep feelings of connection. I feel how good that memory feels– it’s like an eternal moment.

I re-mind myself– getting it active again in my vibration.

I’d love it if you made up something like this for yourself–What about yourself do you appreciate?

Hey do you see what a powerful key this is to feeling good?

Comments? Want to share some story of someone appreciating her or himself? Some thoughts on your positive qualities?  Please know I’d value your input.




[1] Dooley, Mike, Tut- A Note from the Universe, 2/1/16



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