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Leg Canary Revisited


Rosco Blue, I, 16 x 20, Acrylic, $395

Rosco Blue, I, 16 x 20, Acrylic, $395

I polished this post from a few years ago. Still holds great ideas for how to flow with a bodily condition that we want to heal. Enjoy!

I get signs in my legs to show me if something in my body-mind-spirit is not quite in harmony. It is akin to the use of canaries for miners. The canary gets ill or dies when a mine gets toxic fumes in it.

The mining staff use this bird as an indicator of safety and when they get the evidence that something is off, they evacuate and take remedial action. The condition of my legs represent an indicator of my well being worthy of  notice.

Currently I am having a bit of a blip in one leg which shows me I need to polish my focus. Traditionally before I used Abraham I got caught in habits. I reviewed what had happened, what I did. I looked for what I did wrong, what is causing it and I discussed it with friends, looking for remedies.

I acknowledge that we all review circumstances– my recommendation is to move through that phase promptly,  and take charge of where I am putting my attention. It is so easy to slip into worry. Instead I am holding out more effective ways to focus, ones that do promote healing, ones that lead me toward what I DO want. How can I feel good right now?

Here are some suggested thoughts that may work 🙂 :

1.  I accept where I am

It is alright to have a leg canary chirping. I am still safe and sound.

2. It is ok for healing to take as long as it takes.

Even if I am in a bit of discomfort, I know I have the time I need to heal.

3. I trust healing. I have healed before.

Well Being abounds and Healing is part of the Force of Good that surrounds me.

4. I know that Forces of Good flow through me now and always. In fact, I am composed primarily of Forces of Good.

I AM the Force of Good and I am POWERFUL.

5. My Higher Self, Inner  Being, Force of Good enjoys all my experiences including this one.

There is nothing to reject; there is no blame. I am flowing with the process of living.

6. Bit by bit keep I focus on what is going well.

I help myself as I pay attention to how much is going well in my being and around me. I have so many body parts that are working perfectly– organs doing their part, fingers typing this post and more!

7. I know things are going well. I remain competent, smart, sassy and adorable.

8. I make it ok to rest and do nothing

Rest is so valuable and important. Doing “nothing” is actually doing the “something” that promotes well-being. Also, allowing my mind to be empty allows me to receive guidance I can use!

9. I look for and find ways to have fun the right now in this moment.

a. I paint.

b. I relish improvements I see, people who help me, sessions that work well for me, etc.

c. I may rest midday and applyJin Shin Jyutsu to my leg as I listen to an entertaining audio-book.

d. I will do some yoga and get energy flowing.

10. Change is built in and how much better things can be in a short time span.

This morning I noticed I had a lot of smudges and spots on my windshield.  I ran the windshield washer once and it was still lousy. I ran it several more times and    voila, there it was: a much cleaner windshield. The states changed. I want to see my leg blips like spots on a windshield—the state can change before too long.    Things change, I change, healing happens.

11. As I put my focus on what I want, having fun, on resting, I attract more of what I want and help to get there.

12. In my mind’s eye I see my leg in perfect condition now.

Please comment on this piece as you feel moved to do so. I love hearing stories of your recovery. If you give any of these suggestions a try, please share the results. I love feedback– send to jpearl@streamofyes.com.

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