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Lately I have been rolling with a feel good flow of daily life. Just now I was inspired to put this piece together after reading Pam Grout’s recent blog. She writes like-minded to these posts –she appreciates continually. Often she spends  time relaying the stories of amazing flow sent to her from readers– I figure it will be fun to share some of the flow that has been happening for me.

First some thoughts on the evolution in thinking over the years of playing with these teachings.

Orange Forward, 20 x 24, $450

Orange Forward, 20 x 24, $450

In the early days of studying these teachings, I thought I could prove myself by “manifesting” — meaning something big and showy — winning some great award,  developing a practice overflowing with clients, that fabulous relationship, etc.  Yes “the shiny red low to the ground cars  are great. Abraham has told us that we must be a match to what we want. She uses the metaphor of that wonderful thing being the next logical step. In my life I have focused on tuning into the moment, enjoying as much as I can right now– appreciating all the while. Through my day I observe the evidence of the stream of good flowing.

Readers have heard some of the lovely and amazing things that happen for me.  Let me review some from the last several weeks:

Last week I asked for shasta daisy seeds from a friend who had offered them. She brought both shasta and marguerite daisy seeds. I’d never heard of that kind of flower. Within three days I visited the Lowe’s Garden Center, walked back to the markdown shelves and there were a slew of marguerite daisy plants (aka English daisy) marked one dollar– I got five.

Before bed I read accounts of people who believe they were protected by Archangel Michael. The next morning I pulled an oracle card– Archangel Michael. No lie.

In early April on a Sunday afternoon, my car stopped and wouldn’t start . It seemed like it might be the end of my dear high mileage vehicle. I called for Roadside Assistance. While I waited I went to find a restroom close by.  A man was leaving a building– I asked him for help. He stopped, opened his office and waited until I came out.

  • Then I went back up to my car and a man biking by asked me if I needed his assistance. I did. The lovely hero got into the drivers seat and it started for him!
  •  I commenced to drive it home,. after cancelling Roadside Assistance. When I paused at the four way stop sign in the center of my village, the car cut out again and did not start.
  • Just then a friend from the neighborhood pulled right up beside me and asked if I needed help. ( What are the chances of her being there at that moment?) Pulling ahead and parking, she came over to assist me in pushing my car through the four way stop out of the stream of traffic.
  • Then three young men approached and inquired if they could do something for my situation, like push my car off the road. Vehicle was now off the road, In about five minutes it again started and I got it home. At least six people had come to my aid within half hour. Wow!
  • The next morning on the way to the garage for repairs,  I shared the front seat of a tow truck. As we drove, the tow man chatted away appreciating many people and events in his life–what wonderful soothing and great entertainment. Upon arrival the mechanic greeted me warmly and in two days my vehicle was back in operation for only $270. Wow– a bit of excitement and I am totally protected.

The yoga teacher commented on the way I was stacking my yoga blankets, a critical comment and tone. I felt angry in the moment. As it happened, we were going right into meditation.  In those few minutes of quiet I calmed myself down, found relief by thinking soothing thoughts and was again fine as we opened our eyes. In the first minute afterwards the yoga teacher said, “Oh yes that way of stacking blankets is ok.” Redemption and I did not say a word.

I stepped on my glasses in my haste rushing around my home. Soon I traveled into the eye doctor. Too crushed, the staff at the eye lab could not fix the frames. Instead, the dear eye lab man found frames for the existing lens, put them in and did not charge me.In the subsequent eye doc appointment, while sitting in the waiting room, the other pair of my glasses break right there. What are the changes of it happening there? It was no big deal because I planned to order a new pair anyway. And, I already had the new framed pair to use while I waited for the second pair. I would have thought I really screwed up when stepping on my glasses– but look at that flow– wow.

I figured I would not have an art show for about a year now. Since last September I had already hung work in five places. In the last few weeks I pursued an opportunity in a nearby bookstore thinking it would be for a year or more hence, maybe the end of 2018. Instead, she emailed me recently– how about May 2017! I hung the show this Tuesday. Reception coming Saturday May 13– please contact me if you want to attend!

Isn’t this stuff fun! And, I left some incidents out! ( I skipped the pieces of clothing and books I found in the charity shop and more.) I mean to illustrate how much fun it is when we are in the flow. Notice the Good and More comes to us! YAY! Want to experiment with noticing some flow in your own life?

What are some of your wonderful happenings? Please send in your stories.


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