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Learning to Forgive Myself


Moment at Mint Spring, 16 x 20, $475

Moment at Mint Spring, 16 x 20, $475

In this stage of life many of us are becoming aware that a voice inside judges us. Those who have been following these and other spiritual teachings are learning how to soften that harshness and use our focus to fashion a more loving environment.

Last week we heard about Jalmina and her incident with a car mishap.  That day she pulled the book Radical Forgiveness[1] by Colin Topping off her shelf, looking for relief and finding some help in its pages.  Let’s see how it can help in Karema’s story.

Karema was due a healing session from a colleague, part of a trade. The friend had had a back blip, needed her services and now Karema got a turn.  In a choice between two modalities she was not clear which one to choose. She picked one — it involved lots of breathing and it had potential for raising awareness inside her than the other option

The process took over an hour. Sure enough our heroine had a stirring experience. As she ended, she had feelings of discomfort and with that thoughts of having made a mistake flooded her consciousness. She felt clouded.

Had she made the “wrong” choice?

Tipping guides us this way:

1) Take responsibility for what was created and make it ok.

Our Dear One knew she had selected one type of healing.  Ok she owned that.

2) Notice the self judgments.

Yes they were running. Karema was experiencing a flood of self-accusations and unease.

Ok she realized she was the one running all this “stuff” from her store of habits, past experiences. No one outside her was saying these things.

2a) So many of we humans experience thoughts like this.

Our star knew that this phenomenon runs rampant in our culture ( hence this post!) She can know she is part of a big group of people who judge self.

Karema became aware  she felt a “buyers remorse,” plus thoughts of “what a jerk” were running inside.

Good Noticing! It is ok to have been raised on Planet Earth in these times! (Then a friend shared she had made a similar choice and also felt like she had not picked the best one. Yes, common phenomenon.)

3)  Cultivate a willingness to accept oneself as you are.

She made experiments with her inner life. This woman took some risks interested in the possibility of  more pay off.

Our Lady can make it ok to have an adventure and then perhaps choose differently the next time.

That is a fine quality!

Meanwhile she knows that she came to life to experience what she does not want so that she can become clearer what she DOES WANT. Always a fresh start, Karema reached for her next level and succeeds!

Fun to learn to love herself  YAY!

4) Tune into this present moment.

The birds are singng. Trees and lawns look lush. The feeling of contentment now feels more vibrant having been out of balance for a couple of hours.

Know what? She feels some renewal!  She feels better! Opportunities continue to show up

After a few more days she is able to allow more rich experiences and feels even better.

Wow she is learning to let life flow and let herself be a part of all that is, flowing along :).

Want to comment? Did you receive any insight?

[1] Colin C Tipping, Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle(Marietta, GA: Global 13 PublicationsCo, Trust, 1997)


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