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How to Reach for Feeling Better


Uplift Creek, 11 x 14, $425

Uplift Creek, 11 x 14, $425

 I write about reaching for feeling better. Have you caught a whiff of what I mean? Below another illustration that may enlighten and bring a smile too.

The Background

One morning Nola woke from a dream feeling uncomfortable. In the sleep state the group around her

did not understand her, leaving her feeling alienated and alone. She struggled, and nothing she did pleased them or herself.

Now the morning light shone through the big window, Nola felt lousy with running anxiety and sadness.

Though her habit is to meditate first thing, she could not on this occasion. Our heroine in agitation could not sit still. It came to her: paint!

Direction Comes to Her

Off she strode to the studio.  Arriving, she sat, looked around. There on the floor one piece lay– inspiration struck. Somehow our dear one knew how to begin. A bit of stream, some trees..

Nola put down color with confidence,  creating creek and woods. Strokes easily formed rocks, then bank,and reflection. Zip zip zoom– a roll!

After 40 minutes the artist paused. Tuning inside, she found those inner dragons calmed. Now to meditate, eat…

The inspired creation developed richly when she returned. Coral woods, gray in back, dark trees forward with pink accent. Dark and light reflections for water.


By day’s end Nola had produced something beautiful. What a fine lesson too!

Her discomfort transformed to rocket fuel for art generation. Pretty cool. A bit of “darkness” can work for us.

Our star could have concluded that things were bad. Instead, she used her energy to engage life. She flowed; she let Good in. And,  she felt the pay off.

Even more, Nola had solutions to some sticky wickets show up that day too. So much came to her as she uplifted her mood.\

Do you see how to use this for your life? One friend of Nola loves to ride horses. Another can go work on his car. One fellow can play his cello.  Isn’t it great to go for doing what we love to do, distract ourselves, and feel the Good in our veins again!

Please recount an experience which demonstrates how you recover. Make a comment! We inspire one another.

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