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Parallel Universe


Next Chapter, 30 x 40, $625

Next Chapter, 30 x 40, $625

One time I watched an Abraham Live Webinar and as usual got filled with good feeling and inspiration. Afterwards saying farewells, one participant, Fred, said, “Hopefully I won’t lose this good feeling.”  He felt afraid of shifting to discouragement or fear.

There in the kitchen facing

him, I  lifted my hands in front of my face and made a clockwise twist motion as though turning a dial on a clock before me.

“Let’s shift that focus.” I said, “Fred, go to one of your parallel universes where you flow as happy and things will go well.” His face lit up. He loved the idea of a parallel universe, and he loved that he had the power to go there and that it was a place for him to thrive. He smiled broadly.

Thinking about a parallel universe tapped into a place of imagination and play. From that space it is easy to feel good!

It is ok to feel discouragement and fear. Relax! You can turn the channel and do so without any big effort.

Visualize things going well.

Imagine that help is available

In your mind’s eye slip into a wanted parallel universe. Feel into confidence and trust in these beliefs.

Conjure knowing it is easy to feel good.

Take the time you need. Maybe it happens quickly or it might happen gradually. A little more and a little more. Talk to yourself in a kind, attentive way. Relish your feelings! You Shine!

Fred was feeling his oats as he departed the session.  So can you!

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