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How I learned about Ease from a Spider


Trusting Ease 2012

Trusting Ease, Diptych 30 x 40s, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $995

About a week ago I spied an eight legged hairy creature , probably a wolf spider, in my apartment near the basement section. At that moment I had bare feet and ran for shoes, returned with a broom and bucket to sweep the thing into a container for a move outdoors. That day the spider ran into the basement storage area, out of view.

I briefly considered calling over some kind of helper to deal with the “villain”.  That was too much work, and I prefer ease and forgetting about it. 🙂

During the week I knew it was there. Once in awhile I would recall it. Overall I knew that All was well. I have lived in this space for about 11 years and have enjoyed it. On two other occasions during that time I saw a wolf spider and “got rid of it” one way or another.

This morning due to days of rain I woke knowing I needed to empty the dehumidifier located just inside the basement section of the space.  To my astonishment there sitting in  the quart size yogurt container used for bailing water was last week’s arachnid. How is that possible? The creature was contained and ready for me to put it outside. I picked up the container, put it in a bucket, carried it to the door and flung the animal into the garden.

Wow that was easy! Life wrapped up that situation and put a bow on it!

Here’s what I get from this flow of events:

1.  I stayed relaxed about it and Wow I got assistance!

2.  “Issues” can be so easy to solve! Situations transform themselves as I remain aligned and feeling good.

3.  I get a bit of a drama that makes a great story.

4. See a big “scary” spider– nothing’s going wrong.

Do any of you have examples of “problems” that solved themselves if left alone. Have you had times when you stayed relaxed and received fun solution? We love hearing that kind of recollection. Please share it at jpearl@streamofyes.com. That was easy.

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