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Below please read about how used intense positive focusing in my mind to influence a situation. I used both Abraham Hicks and the worked called Ho’ponopono.  Reposted here.

Purple Flowers Arising, 9 x 12, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Purple Flowers Arising 2010

The end of the year reminds me of my mother, Ethel Pearlman and some deep lessons I had with her time of passing. In 2006 during these weeks in December I traveled up north to be near her as she lay in both hospital and rehabilitative settings. Ethel had broken her leg. In the early days of my visit, my mother did not like her surroundings. She had put me on notice that she wanted to die, and she wanted me to be on her side: allowing her transition to unfold.

I had come up, stayed 10 days, gone home and drove back up north again. In days home in Virginia, I was handed an article by Joe Vitale about a Dr Len in Hawaii who had dramatically improved the health of mental patients. He applied a special kind of focus to each patient’s file, holding it and saying: “I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me and  Thank you. ”  More than the words themselves, the essence of his process was his attitude: he called up a soothing, comfort, compassion for HIMSELF. Through his own consciousness he was creating his whole world which included the patients whose files he was holding.  You may read Joe Vitale’s article at http://www.wanttoknow.info/070701imsorryiloveyoujoevitale.  Dr Len got profound results by using this technique, known as Ho’oponopono.

That month as I took myself back up to care for my mother, I decided to use the tool that Dr. Len used. When I sat bedside, I ran the words in my mind. I saw a cone of light surrounding her and in it she was dancing and enjoying herself. I saw her whole and happy. Through my being I felt happy and basking in an all-is-well comfort. Ethel might be complaining, sleeping, or eating, I would run my inner program as much as I could.

Looking back I don’t know how long it was before people and resources began to showing up easily for us. When a problem arose, a resolution would present itself/ Before too long she was in a better and better mood. She began appreciating the hospital staff. Visitors came, and she had fun talking with them, basing in the attention. Much time was spent with her playing around and laughing. Though her physical body declined, she experienced much happiness in her last weeks.

Though my life my mother had said some good things about me. She’d always said, for example, I was beautiful and smart. During her last weeks, she paid me more compliments than in all my life before that. I was astonished: it felt like a miracle to receive so much acknowledgement and praise from her.  Many of us long to have our parents think well of us and my cup runneth over as she prepared to pass.

In the Ho’ponopono tradition and in using the Abraham teachings,  in order to influence another we flood our own consciousness with feeling good, feeling connected to the object of our focus, with knowing that person’s wholeness and our own. We fill ourselves with what we want for the other.  Abraham teaches that the other person will shift to the degree that he or she allows him or herself  to do so. When I used this approach, I got profound results. The woman who parented me transformed from a bitter, miserable person to a much more happy, kind and accepting one.

To me it felt like a field of light and love was created and that this injured one could enter it as a free choice. I did it for myself and the higher vibrational field functioned as though an invitation to join the atmosphere.  In my view  she got deep healing before she transitioned.

All one needs to experiment with this method is the power of one’s focus and the willingness to apply it. If you want to play with this, you can easily do it.  In my classes I say to students– it is true we cannot control others– but I have experienced the power of influence through changing ourselves. We can create a invisible environment that is a delight for others around us that they can join. Wow we are so potent and awe-inspiring in what we can create!

If you want to comment on this story, ask questions, tell a story of your own or hear more about this kind of focus, please write me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. I love hearing from you.

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