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Angels Watching Over Me: Being Protected



Aid, 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Aid, 16 x 20, $295

It is so much fun to feel good– then go through my life observing how I am being protected and provided for.

I was going to need some bed related items so I was on the alert for coupons for a popular bed merchandiser. Some came in the mail for my landlord. Tempted though I was, I did not take one from the mail pile.

It unfolded that about five coupons came for the owner and after a few weeks I had a chance to ask if I might have one of the recent savings flyers.

 I got the go to use one. Not surprisingly, I became clear I wanted to see if I could get myself on the mailing list for these promotions.   Off I went to shop for housewares with the coupon tucked into my purse.

Happily I entered the store, went right to what I wanted and soon selected a check out line to pay up.

As I stood waiting my turn, I couldn’t help noticing goings on with the woman preceding me at check out. This customer had come prepared: she was rifling through a stack of what looked to be 25 coupons. The pile was enormous. Impressed– I told her so. “Wow! What a stash of coupons! Good for you,” She smiled.

As she was finishing up, I asked the cashier if my item would qualify for one of the flyers I had.

Good Vibes flowed. The woman before me completed her sale and it was my turn. The clerk began ringing me up. It popped into my awareness that the coupon lady had not left. That good person waited to leave– she lingered so that she could see if I had  a coupon to use, and if I did not, she wanted to give me one of hers. Wow. So generous.

It turned out that one I had worked for this sale. So I thanked her and she went on her way.

When I asked for the opportunity to sign up for mailed coupons, the cashier went over to the manager to figure out how to help with that.

In a minute two staff are smiling at me. The manager says, “Oh here is the pad where you can sign up and by the way we can offer you a coupon today for this sale.”

I didn’t need it but again. WOW So provided for!

Small incidents- probably worth about $5 in this case. I have fun perceiving this easy flow as “for me” and as a phenomenon I attracted.

This incident occurred same week as the one offering courtesy card to the man in the check out line in front of me.

and there’s one more:

In charity store I’m friendly with a young mother as we look through children’s book. I leave her and go chat with volunteers as I buy my finds. Soon the mom comes to check out. It’s bag sale–she has a bag and some overflow items.

I said to the volunteers– “Oh let her have all that’s( for the cost of the bag.)” They did.

Everyone feels good.

Are you noticing things going well for you?

Want to share some of that feel good energy?

Please report them in the comments section. Let’s spread cheer!


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