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Good Flowing from Unwanted

Chipper Pink Day, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $495

Chipper Pink Day, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $495

Yesterday I got to the swimming facility , unpacked and found I had no suite. Surprise! Well alrighty then, I cannot swim at this time. Instead, I decided to sue the stationery bike a bit and then proceed on my day., While pedaling away,, I chatted with a woman next to me, unknown up to that meeting. She got interested in the yoga class I teach and plans to attend next week. I attracted a new student after forgetting my swimsuit.

Over the last few weeks, I wrote about feeling poorly, putting off my trip north, changing my attitude, then recovering and having a great trip.  I don’t prefer feeling ill. However, this time the rest and refocus led me to have  the best time in years of visits.

It’s an entertaining exercise to reminisce about the times something unwanted led me to an unexpected something, a delightful good thing/event/person. Can you tick off some from the flow of your life?

Years ago I though my friend who I see weekly would forget my birthday. This was a “hurt person” habit of thought. At the time she got quite annoyed with me because she wanted me to feel and know her affection for me. I feel much closer to her now since that air got cleared: that was my feeling, a fear, my “stuff” that was not true. Each year now, she celebrates my birthday in fabulous ways– usually involving preparing some over the top meal using my current food plan. Yum!

One time I had a car repair go poorly. As I drove away I was able to find a bit of light- hearted attitude starting to joking to myself about how I came from heaven to experience what I do not want so that I know better what I do want– therefore I was right on track with this car blip– an episode I did not want. Next morning I awoke with the thought to visit another recommended mechanic who I’d passed over-. I went to him that day finding him to provide competent service at an excellent value. Now I use his services regularly and am so grateful to the car “blip” that led me to his door.

When I broke up with my long term partner, it felt like a tragedy. A few years later I looked back and opened myself to this truth: this parting had been a terrific boon for me. I moved south, gained freedom with which I have avidly pursued creating art, have grown enormously as a person, and am happier than I ever knew was possible. I had not wanted to break up. What did I know? I am so grateful that I went with the flow and made the best of unwanted events.

I write this piece in hopes my readers will find some soothing as you experience the various ups and downs of your life. Know this expression? “With so much excrement around me in this barn, there must be a pony in here somewhere.” I invite you to look for the good that inevitably flows to you when things are going in ways you do not prefer.

Are you already on it? Please share some of your stories of making lemonade from life’s lemons by writing me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. Wow! How the lemonade you make will help others thrive!






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