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Red Flyer, 12 x 16, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $325

Red Flyer, 12 x 16, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $325

In 2002 I created a significant change in my life. I moved from MA to Virginia, retired from a career, sold a house, and entered a life where I knew only one person ( to start).There were alot of processes to the endeavor. At the time I was receiving healing sessions and the practitioner offering me care suggested that when making the myriad of decisions I do what was easiest. For some maybe this would be their first thought. At the time to me it was completely astonishing. Wow. Not think what was least expensive? Not think how it would benefit others or not? Not think how to “do the right thing” ? Just see what was easiest for me and do that?

I decided to sell the house rather than rent it because it seemed easier to use the momentum of this move to clear out the stuff and move on. Wouldn’t I  want to keep going and not look back to be a landlord?  As it was, I did some things to save money that were so much extra work– I did regret those later– like having my boyfriend drive the move truck over 500 miles!

Today I heard advice given to someone who is following the direction of feeling as good as a key method to steer her life.  in this anecdote the one receiving guidance often attracts mosquitoes– she asked what she can do about this. The advice given: over the longer term she can practice relaxing and enjoying herself regardless of the presence of these insects. She can expect to have fun and focus on all the good around her more and more. In the short run– this is the point, please pay attention 🙂— she can cover herself with a sheet at night to prevent mosquito bites. In this moment using the sheet is the easiest thing to do.

I just moved the monthly support group I convene to a location that is easier for me to access. (Ok, I did investigate how it would work for the other attendees. 🙂 ) Interestingly, it was also easier for some of them, others said they could do it, and the new location attracted some new group attendance. Wow it’s fun to go with what is easy for me!

Around us we hear so many other cues for “what to do”.  These days I am directing myself toward more ease.  Things I “should” do, I am getting to when the spirit moves me.

How do you react to this advice for running your life? Do you have some examples that show me you have done this for many years already? Or do you think I am over the edge?Please share your thoughts at jpearl@streamofyes.com.  You enrich me!

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