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New Pattern, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, SOLD

New Pattern, 24 x 30, SOLD

Have you noticed how much we all want validation? We love to have positive comments come to us from others.  Great to feel those words of praise.

But wait– have you had the experience of someone telling you something flattering and you don’t really hear it 

— you keep protesting how you … aren’t really… or struggle so…feel yourself a disappointment, or…..

Recently I had attended a meeting with some women friends. Madeline was talking about how she felt discouraged. She had not made much money in her life. One of her articles on which she had worked hard was not accepted for publication. and on…The gathered friends reminded her of accomplishments, numerous contributions she had made in many ways over the years.

She kept going back to the discouragement.

You know that expression you can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink? See the relevance?

We have to let the good stuff in.

You could say it this way: we have to think highly enough of ourselves so that we flow with supportive statements.

I recommend listing some things you appreciate about yourself– do this regularly!

Ok I have not won a Nobel Peace Prize, nor a Golden Globe Award. Let’s appreciate that we raise beautiful children, make scrambled eggs really well, find beauty in the day, smile while grocery shopping, stop to help a neighbor bring up the trash can, … or …

I am so pleased that I can often cheer up a friend. Most weeks I succeed at lifting myself up from discouragement. In my paintings I am great with color. When need arises, I can organize the volunteers to take down after a concert. I really like my smile.

Really isn’t it great to remember that it is our good mood that makes a huge contribution to our lives and everyone around us.

Ok follow this: When we feel good, we think well of ourselves and don’t long for the validation from others as much ( of course it is always fun to hear!)

When we are in a good mood, when we like who we are, we attract more compliments. And then they are easy to relish and enjoy.

I think readers of this blog are very astute, dedicated and adorable people! With great senses of humor 🙂

Please comment! Appreciate yourself or this blog or both!


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