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Purple Flowers Arising, 9 x 12, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Purple Flowers Arising, 9 x 12, with Texture, SOLD

Each week you read about increasing your personal power.  Here is a story of the fun that can be had when the Universe responds. Read about what happened for Rosa, a woman who uses these teachings as best she can.

Rosa received an offer to listen to a free lecture about angels online.

( I think readers enjoy this story whether or not you court angels yourself 🙂 )

Attentively she watched the video. Toward the end a meditation guided viewers through a process to connect with her personal guardian angel. In her life Rosa has been talking to the invisible realm all the time; she asks for help almost daily.  Our heroine had not yet pursued her personal guardian angel.

Closing her eyes she followed simple steps. Dropping into her heart,  quieting her mind,  Dear R asked for her angel.

Upon completely the process, the teacher suggested watching for some sign that the special angel had been reached. Maybe feathers would appear on the path. The leader continued, “Wouldn’t it be great for each student to experience the new connection?”

Rosa got an internal picture of her angel and a name came to mind.  Personally she was content with or without signs– then went about her day.

In a few minutes upstairs went she to sit and practice some visualizations and appreciating, a daily ritual in a special spot.

Sitting, getting settled, our star rotated her head right and under the bed spied a  white feather. Having just cleaned the rug, she knew that feather had not been waiting for discovery. Ok she was impressed.

Daily she then goes to using her oracle cards, pulling two cards each from different decks. Rosa rotates through many decks, in a certain order. Her process: select the deck, shuffle,  cut the cards with her non dominant hand, pull the next in sequence. On the second deck she got “Communicate with Your Angels”. She’d never seen that card before. ( 13 decks,  44 cards each deck; certain order for the decks. The odds of pulling that card at random — infinitesimal. )

Really this is a true story. Wow.

This kind of thing delights the heart– and this kind of thing easily can happen for you.

Put one foot in front of the other, look for good and find it– and frequently a person can be blessed with surprises and delights. Ok some people want a big pile of money… isn’t it cool to get this kind of feedback… loving breadcrumb on the path.

Have your own stories akin to this? Please comment and tell me about it!

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