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Appreciating As We Can


Sometimes a person may wish that they had appreciated someone in their past more than they did at the time.  Here read an account of how one woman handled that.

In her early twenties Lenore had marriage that lasted a short time.   

Avalon Spring I, 16 x 20, Acrylic, $475

Avalon Spring I, 16 x 20, Acrylic, $475

During the time of that relationship alot was going on for her. She became very ill with a serious chronic disease, felt passionately about expressing herself to a greater degree and explored many radical political views for those times. As her life flowed, she broke up with that husband, continued on, had another long marriage with two beautiful children.. much more, a full life.

In the present period she ruminated about that first short marriage and reached for wanting to feel better about it. In recent years  she has become much more aware of how her attitude affects her experiences. She has learned the value of appreciating more than ever before and is practicing.

Lenore seized the moment! Our heroine took on writing a letter of appreciation to this first husband.  Carefully she spent time crafting a letter with the tone she sought– one where she want to acknowledge how much he had offered her, how kind, how generous, how brave– and how she now wants to validate many more of his attributes than she had done as they lived through those years.  She was not asking him for anything– other than to listen and perhaps accept her words.  She figured out an address to reach him and mailed it off.

To her delight  the man responded to her with a letter within 10 days. In a brief and potent message he accepted her appreciation and offered that he too saw much to praise about her as he thought back to those days.  She received an answer; he had heard her. Lenore was thrilled. It felt so good.

Many of us might use present time moments to beat ourselves up for what was not done back then. That does not feel good– let’s not do that!

Instead, isn’t it great that she reached out to appreciate him when she could?  In my view we all can take a page from this story.

If we are going to look back,  we use the chance to find yet more abundance flowing continuously to us and through us.  Sometimes we won’t be able to tell a person of the past these appreciations. Worth it to express them to yourself and feel them anyway!

We could play the game– what went really well for me in life… and list all those good things and while doing so, feel into them.

I had a family; I met marvelous people who made a tremendous difference to me; I found employment; I developed hobbies that satisfied me; I loved my pets….. I paddled a canoe, I relished natural surroundings.. so much… so much!!

Filling yourself with that soothing grateful flow– good anytime!

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