Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Faith, An Atmosphere of Good

“I have a deep inward sense, feeling, conviction and complete faith that there is a Power of Good governing everything; that it is governing completely… and that there is nothing to oppose It, to change It, limit It or circumscribe Its action. I abandon myself to this faith; I live in its atmosphere. I accept its conclusion: I am a Divine Being on the pathway of an endless self-expression.”  Ernest Holmes, 365 Reader, p.71.

Here faith references believing in a Power of Good. Related, I very much value believing in myself.  When I feel good, it is easy to believe in good things flowing to me, good already in my arena,  already enjoying my life now.  When I do not feel as good as I might prefer, I lean on my belief in the Power of Good.  Perhaps, I do not feel that I am living in its atmosphere entirely in that moment of contrast, but I can reach for imagining that Atmosphere.

On many mornings I take time to list for myself things that remind me of my good, my value. For my personality type, I like personal validations. Some people might list achievements that feel great, or friends who value and love you, moments of wonder that you allowed yourself to feel. We can use this list at times of not feeling quite as tip top. I find reading such an accounting helps greatly to remind me of where I want to be focused—versions of the Power of Good. It is a way of imagining that Atmosphere and heading in that direction. Putting effort in the direction of Good is the life of having faith.




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