Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Delight is on Its Way

Opening, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas,

Opening 2009

Delight on Its Way

Early one morning I took a quick look out my window. The light was rising; the sky was clear; it was brightening. It was a pleasant unremarkable scene.I turned to checking email. In a few minutes I felt an impulse to turn back to the window. Gazing, I drew in my breath feeling astonishment. The horizon line was bright with oranges and yellows. As my eyes rose, I beheld layers of color, purples in stripes, all through the clouds. The sky was completely infused with color. Extraordinary and Delightful!

More than ten years ago I experienced a similar effect. A glance out the window, a morning light that was pleasant and ordinary, then a little while later, as I scraped off my car, I looked again: A sunrise brilliant with strong mauve, oranges, yellows and pink. This was no pastel view of sky: these colors were intense and vibrant. The vista was so unexpected…

How innocently I had looked outside to see an average morning. I had no idea what delight was in store.  I was about to be infused with Grace and there had been no sign. Isn’t that something to notice?  That fabulous events show up without warning. More and more now, I watch for good things to unfold in my experience and I track them when they do. I want to attract delightful experiences, and bit by bit I do.

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