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Ease from Self Blame


We want to follow the teachings—think as positively as possible. Oh my! Some situations can feel overwhelming, so many factors, we are trying so hard. We may know we are not thinking positively—in fact, we can notice things showing up that we don’t want—oh my what to do?

Some Guidance

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Calantha enjoyed being close to her sister, Kayla. She learned a remote healing modality and offered her sister sessions to heal and uplift her. It turned around Kayla’s circumstance so thoroughly it felt like a miracle.

Kayla had suffered some losses, felt depressed and worried about finances. In the uplift from the healing, K got involved in a project to increase her abundance and out of wanting to share the success included C.

As K did raise capital, she offered some to C to follow up on tips K provided.  The interaction proceeded, got complex and at one point, C lost some of the funds her sister had offered her.

Self Talk

Kayla knew that losses were part of the environment of playing to increase wealth. She stayed positive with her sister C.

Meanwhile Calantha, our star suffered. C blamed herself for that lost revenue. She thought, ” Hey, if I had those funds to use in my life I could buy alot. I was stupid to lose that!” She felt responsible and her fear about money got triggered. This experience brought up emotion of past financial projects and losses. She felt fear every morning.

Tips Toward Strength

Our heroine sought help to regain her strength and belief in abundance. What to do, how to shift?

  1. Overall perspective: It’s such good news that she wants to clean up this thought pattern in which she feels wrong; so GOOD that she becomes aware that SHE is creating what she does NOT want. Hooray for the energy and willingness to shift more and more so that the positive thinking builds momentum, has more power to attract.
  2. C makes it ok HOWEVER she feels at this moment
  3. She accepts whatever has happened. our star cultivates compassion for herself.
  4. Calantha recalls that any occasion when a human focuses on changing thoughts repeated practice of new patterns is required.
  5. This dear woman appreciates whatever she can– both in specially designated times of the day and during her flow as the day unfolds.
  6. She takes the easy way when she can.
  7. Daily C offers herself plenty of rest.
  8. With a satisfying know Calantha is embarked on a very worthwhile undertaking.

Outdated thought: “It is taking me so long!”

In addition, Calantha realized she was on a journey of changing deeply held habits of thought and that shifting these will take some focusing. This is what the growth looks like for everyone and yowser it was so worth it!

Outdated thought: “I should be giving more service to the world”

When we are feeling frisky, full of life, feeling good, flowing and creating—tuned in, tapped in, turned on—this is our best service to the world.

There is no “only for self”. We are one with humanity and when we thrive, we contribute mightily.

So many of us can relate to the way Calantha got to thinking and to the self-blaming patterns.

She felt so much relief in shifting this thinking. Also, our star got some Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions and felt profoundly relaxed. She got a taste of the ease that is possible. We all can access feelings of well being through our bodies and know this soothing accelerates the shift in vibration.

The author wants to collaborate with readers. Do you have a circumstance about which you could use a hand shifting your point of view? Please comment with your suggestion or question. Together we are creating a more satisfying journey! Really please ask for what you would like to know to shift your thinking!

About the Author

Janet Pearlman is a spiritual teacher, counselor, healer and artist. In these posts composed of true stories, she inspires others to know themselves and compassionately to develop skills of empowerment. In her forty-five year journey of self-discovery, she has deeply studied the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Ernest Holmes and more. Janet offers individual sessions by phone and in person. Please contact her at jpearl555@earthink.net to arrange an appointment.

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