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How I See the Big Picture–Reissued

Next Chapter, 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas 1-29-2009

Next Chapter, 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $725

Please enjoy this post originally offered in 2012:

The purpose of our lives as humans is to have rich experiences on Planet Earth. We notice what we prefer and what we do not. Then, experiencing what we don’t prefer, we become clearer about what we do want and focus there. That focusing action expands the whole Universe and brings us joy.

We are here for the experiences, the focus, the expansion, the joy. When we experience something unwanted, it’s helpful to remember this, this thought with a soothing effect. It helps us relax into where we are. We can remember how life is so much more than this sticky, not preferred event (the car accidents, the illness, etc.).

I trust that some good will come out of all experiences, out of living some events I do not prefer. I have put this to the test in my own life, weathering illnesses, injuries, car mishaps, loss of love mate, death of loved ones, etc. In the last chunk of years I have been more consciously watching for the good that flows from such things, and I have found it. I looked for qualities that I developed due to this experience, a new perspective I gained, the direction in which I was pushed to flow resulting from these events.

One example: prior to having lyme disease, I thought I needed to accomplish things to have value. After many months of mostly reading and resting, I had a different view. My life was rich in experience – I had tuned to a quality of being rather than doing and all has seemed less pressure-filled since that time.

I see us as filled with Goodness and putting forth Good as we travel our path. I encourage readers to watch for this and find it. Write me at jpearl@streamofyes.com with your stories of “not preferred” experiences resulting over time in something valued. Please share your accounts and inspire us all!


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