Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Abraham-Hicks Class Changes a Life

Here is what one consistent student offered about her experience with the Abraham-Hicks classes:

“All the self help books in print can’t bring you to that place of contentment that the guidance of Janet Pearlman can. Four years ago my life crashed, both emotionally and financially.

I wanted counseling help but my past experience in this area never really worked, as it is usually accusatory and fault finding in its approach. Religion for me was a Sunday morning atonement for the sins I never committed and left me lacking.

The guided workings of Abraham-Hicks by Janet Pearlman combined a
spiritually focused counseling with real practical tools to improve my life. It has been a year now and I’m happily in control of all that I do. And happily sharing my happiness with everyone I live and work with.” — C

12 28 2011


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