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Unwanted Bodily Conditions: Attitude and Inspiration


Orange Forward, 20 x 24, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $450

Orange Forward, 20 x 24, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $450

In last week’s post I talked about how I handled discomfort and upset while healing my legs. That post was originally written almost two years ago.  Rereading that piece, I realize I have created a valuable  strategy for allowing more well being and will share aspects of that for you below. Sound like fun?

What do I do with my thought process? Yes!  I keep my eye on what I want more than what I am observing.

I hurt; what then?

On this journey with my legs I have had days when every step hurt– fortunately not for extended periods but the experience is memorable. How do I stay focused on something more pleasant than the discomfort and fear?  As I could, I would say, “Look, I am walking– isn’t it great that I am mobile and getting around! I am delighted to be independent.”

Someone shows up in my life and asks me to experience Feldenkrais: I try it and feel relief. I persisted with it.      

Feldenkrais, awareness through movement, brought relief every time I participated in a group class or individual lesson. For over a year I had a class three times a week and for two years I had a class twice a week. In the mix have been individual lessons. I gained ease and I gained confidence.

Meanwhile I was already doing Jin Shin Jyutsu and Svaroopa Yoga. Why? Because I felt great after experience of them I felt a good chunk better. Not only did each of these pursuits bring more freedom and ease in the body– with each encounter my mood lightened, and it is easier to focus on what I want. Then I want to head toward more fun!

It has been a blast to viscerally understand we are body/mind/spirit; how these practices affected ALL of me, one influencing the other.  Very cool!

Roll over in my mind what did feel good. Milk it! Relish every feel good moment; every bit of improvement

Once I felt good, then I milked the feeling experienced ti deeply, reviewed it in my mind and talked about it to other people. As best I could I kept my focus on feeling good.

As I flowed with the ease and energy, I felt stronger and more confident in my body.  I took note of the improvements, bit by bit– looked for gains, began to expect gains– and found them. Then relished some more!

I really enjoyed my swimming; let go of types of exercise that tended to be too harsh for where I was on the healing journey.

I looked for resilience and found it.

When I got a bit injured as did happen from time to time, I persisted. I took note of the face that I healed more and more quickly. These blips that might have been labeled “setbacks” actually served to demonstrate my strength and resilience. Formerly I had thoughts like “I’m ruined.”, delayed from things I love for a long time, etc. Instead, it was delightful to see how I bounced back sooner and with zip in my attitude and step. These days I note my recovery in days or even overnight. Love it! I feel remade, reborn!

Take Away Formulations:

Get my mind on what I want: ease, fluid movement, feeling good.

Milk each experience of feeling good. Relish, repeat. 🙂

Cheer each bit of improvement.

Allow activities that bring good feeling and fun, body, mind, both: welcome the inspiration, follow it, persist.

Notice feeling good can come up through the body or from mind to body. Fun to be a Whole Being!

Let Well Being Wash Over and Through You and Picture it with your awesome powers of visualization

Enjoy what you can enjoy wherever you are. Feel into the present moment.

Do you have questions on handling a bodily condition? Do you have success stories to share? Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com.  We connect and we help one another!

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