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Orange Movement, 24 x 36, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Orange Movement, 24 x 36, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $560

Do you notice when things flow well? When you are offered the unexpected in ways that make you feel good? I make my life richer when I notice such serendipities.  Here are some accounts both recent and from my past, remarkable incidences that delighted me, that I took to be good signs.

Story 1

This week I attended a program at a club for writers. This organization periodically offers events free of charge for the public, and sometimes I participate. Arriving early I was sitting and watching the people in the room: the speaker was chatting with the moderator, some others around me were conversing. Then, a woman enters with some others, a stranger to me. She looks at me, comes directly over, sits down and says,  “I emailed you today.”  Looking at her I respond, “Really?”

“I wanted to connect with someone who does Jin Shin Jyutsu in town. My husband and I moved here in the last year. Searching online, I found your website and wrote you today to connect. As I walked in, I recognized your face from that research.”

I said, “Wow. what a coincidence! And, I almost always am checking email a number of times a day but that day I had a visitor and had not.”  We spoke with animation and before the evening was over she scheduled an appointment.

What are the chances of her finding me online, writing an email and then running into me that same day? Wow, again.

Story 2:

A few years ago early one morning I took a quick look out my window. The light was rising; the sky was clear; it was brightening. It was a pleasant unremarkable scene.

I turned to checking email. In a few minutes I felt an impulse to turn back to the window. Gazing, I drew in my breath feeling astonishment. The horizon line was bright with oranges and yellows. As my eyes rose, I beheld layers of color, purples in stripes, all through the clouds. The sky was completely infused with color. Extraordinary, Wonder-filled!

More than ten years ago I experienced a similar effect. A glance out the window, a morning light that was pleasant and ordinary, then a little while later, as I scraped ice from my car, I looked again: A sunrise brilliant with strong mauve, oranges, yellows and pink. This was no pastel view of sky: these colors were intense and vibrant. The vista was so unexpected…

How innocently I had looked outside to see an average morning. I had no idea what delight was in store.  I was about to be infused with Grace and there had been no sign. Isn’t that something to notice?  That fabulous events show up without warning. More and more now, I watch for good things to unfold in my experience and I track them when they do. I want to attract delightful experiences, and bit by bit I do.

Story 3

One Christmas morning when I wanted to check my email, my computer would not boot up properly. Instead, I found myself staring into a black screen with one small white arrow. I tried to turn it off and on again, tried letting it rest an hour or so, took the battery out and in, plugging unplugging… It did not change the situation.

Gazing into that screen I felt..er.. unsettled. I admit I started to get upset, pinched off from Source. Pulling out a back-up small netbook, I wrote email SOS to a geek friend. Meanwhile, I baked and prepared for a Christmas afternoon gathering.

Within an hour or so, the geek friend told me to bring the machine over. He “played” with it and soon got back to me. Basically, the thing worked for him. The “problem” was resolved very easily.  I love that this man was there for me– on Christmas morning yet. I love that there was no big deal. I went out and enjoyed myself.

Story 4

A friend was dying and wanted to play checkers. I “shop” in a Christian donation store frequently and there I kept my eye out for what she wanted.  I spied a large wooden checker board, beautiful, but I thought too large for my friend– left it. I  reviewed that decision a bit, felt a bit of a tug. A day soon afterwards,  browsing I found a very nice set of checkers and purchased them. As I was walking around the store, somehow through some unusual circumstance I ended up kneeling on the floor with a female shopper who I did not know– were we picking up some merchandise that had fallen? Anyway we chatted, and she confided that found this beautiful checker board the other day in this store, perfect for her son– he is over the moon happy with it. So much fun, so unlikely, for me to learn where that fine board found a home– it felt like my leaving it had been just right.

None of these outcomes have a bit of material value. Yet I feel so enriched by these events, love looking for the flow of good, enjoy noting these and relish appreciating them.

Do you have some stories like this to share where the delightful and unexpected showed up for you ? Please send them to jpearl@streamofyes.com. I love reading them. Don’t you enjoy the signs that things go well for you??




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